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8 Kickass Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

Entrepreneurs are the embodiment of success. When we imagine success in its purest form, they’re most often the ones we think of. They live by their own rules. They make the world as they want to see it. And in turn, shape it for the rest of us. But what is it about entrepreneurs that […]

The Horror of the Anorexia Ward

This post was not born of good spirits. It should be no more fun to read than it is to write. There won’t be any uplifting messages. There are no lessons here. No hidden morals to be uncovered. It can’t be anything other than what it is. I just need to be rid of it. […]

Newb’s Stupidly Epic 6 Month Blog Report (With Surprise Ending)

(Be sure to check out my 6 week and 3 month updates first to find out where I’m coming from.) Six months in and it’s time for another update. I’ve got a boatload of screenshots and plenty to talk about. When I first started, I mainly intended to write about health and fitness, with a […]