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Steak and Eggs Success Stories: Banjo Finally Nails It . . . Now I Want YOUR Story

It really wasn’t that long ago that I chronicled my story using the steak and eggs diet for fat loss. While I had my ups and downs (a lot of downs, actually) I still managed to shed a ton of bloat and went from a 35” waist to 31 ¾” in just 8 weeks. And […]

Death Is At Your Doorstep. How Will You Answer It?

  This is a guest post by Kevin Cole at Perform Destiny. He’s been writing some amazing shit over there and I’m thrilled to have him as my first guest poster ever. His no bullshit attitude and brutal honesty have me hooked . . . I think he’s gonna fit right in here. Plus, he’s […]

The Hidden Truth About How Blogging Can Change Your Life

(The picture that changed my life. From Chad Howse’s “10 Awesome Things.”) So this is my 100th post. I almost missed it. I was part way through a different article before I realized that it would be my 100th.  I don’t typically place much importance on numbers, but I figured I’d set it aside and […]

6 Self-Help Mistakes That Hold People Back (Which Ones Are YOU Making?)

I see it far too often. Someone goes on a self-help kick, buys a bunch of motivational books (and maybe a few subliminal recordings), and thinks that they’ve finally made the turn. Taken their first step. Life is gonna get better now! But it doesn’t. They remain stuck. Sure, it may have seemed like they […]