8 Kickass Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t


Entrepreneurs are the embodiment of success. When we imagine success in its purest form, they’re most often the ones we think of. They live by their own rules. They make the world as they want to see it. And in turn, shape it for the rest of us.

But what is it about entrepreneurs that makes them so special. What’s their secret? Well, turns out there’s not just one. There’re 8 of them. And here they are . . .


Dream Big or Go Home

That’s right. If you think small — if you put limitations on your hopes and aspirations – then just get the fuck out. Right now. Because you will never accomplish anything. Nothing of worth, anyway.

Dreams are supposed to be huge. They’re supposed to be audacious. They should never be limited by anything other than your imagination. If you’re dreaming small, you won’t amount to shit.

The truth is that we’ll never fully achieve our dreams. At best, we’ll only ever accomplish a small fraction of what we set out to do. So if your dreams are small, your accomplishments can only be smaller.

So why even bother with limits? It’s your dream. Nobody else has to know how outrageous it is.

Make it huge. Make it remarkable. Impossible, even. Because until you’ve walked that path, you can never truly know what is possible.


Change is Uncomfortable. Get Over It.

Better yet, embrace it. Because comfort kills. It breeds fear, doubt and complacency.


You can’t go anywhere when you’re standing still.

We’re comfort seeking creatures by nature, but too much can only hold us back. The longer you keep to your comfort zone, the smaller that zone actually gets. You become willing to do less and less. Your fear takes control of you. Soon enough, you find yourself trapped in a cage of your own making. Unable and unwilling to break out.

But the flipside tells a different tale.

The greater the change you seek, the greater the change you can handle.

Wanna know what happens when you expand your comfort zone?

You actually become more comfortable. That’s right. By chasing after discomfort, you’re forced to smash through one challenge after another. And so the world ceases to be such a scary place. You gain self-confidence. You gain a sense of your own power.

You CAN handle this shit!

You don’t even know what the fuck you were so afraid of in the first place.

So you want more . . . only now, you’ve got the guts to go out and get more.


Procrastination is for Pussies

Yeah, I said it. Procrastination is the worst possible excuse for achieving nothing. Worse than quitting — quitter’s at least tried before they failed and gave up.

Procrastinator’s want to do things, they just never get around to them. There are a hundred and one excuses for putting things off, but the only one that holds true is weakness.

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, then you are weak. Straight up.

I say that as a lifetime procrastinator myself. I know this shit inside and out. You’re weak because you succumb to the resistance of starting. Instead of pushing through that initial resistance, you give in and find something easier to do. Or just do nothing . . . easiest of all.

Do you think successful entrepreneurs find it any less difficult getting started?

No. They face the exact same resistance as you and I. But they press on. They move past it. They start. No matter how challenging that first step may be, they take it nonetheless.

Time for you to do the same. Take that first step. Get started. You’ll never accomplish a damn thing until you do.

And if you’re stuck? If you can’t find a way to overcome procrastination?

Then let me offer you this . . . it’s the method I use. It’s simple. And it can help you beat procrastination with just two little words.


You Gotta Pay Your Dues Bitches

If you think you can just jump in the game and find success handed to you, you’re sorely mistaken my friend. And not that bright either. The world doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t.

This is one of the most important concepts to grasp. Even more important, you must accept it. It’s not easy, but you have to accept it all the same. Because you only get what you give. And when you give nothing, you get nothing.

Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ve earned it. Life owes you nothing. There is no instant gratification when it comes to the things that matter. You gotta work. You gotta sweat. You gotta hustle.

Sometimes, you even gotta bleed.

And you have to give it time. Success doesn’t come overnight. So don’t delude yourself here.

What separates the successful entrepreneurs from the wannabes is their willingness to put in the time. Put in the effort. Even if it means years of struggle. Years of sleeping on their buddy’s couch before their business takes off.

How many people are willing to make that kind of sacrifice?

So is it really any wonder that true success stories are such a rare thing? Only those who are able to tough out the hard times – those with grit – can ever achieve something remarkable.


Fear is your Best Friend

Would you run from your best friend? No? Then why are you running from fear? It’s not there to ruin you. It’s not going to bite your head off. It’s simply there to show you the way. To guide you.

Fear only appears when you’re moving forward. When you run from it, you have no choice but to go backwards. Back where you came from.

Is that what you want?

If not, then you’d better learn to deal with fear. Because it will always be there. Fear is not blocking the way. Only your perception of it. It’s trickery, of a sort. A veil. Worn by Opportunity to ward off the pretenders.

But what happens when you remove the veil?

You see Opportunity for what she really is . . .


Opportunity’s a Skank

She puts out for anyone and everyone. So why not tap that ass?


It’s All. About. The Motherfucking. ACTION!

Nothing can be accomplished without action. If there’s one defining trait of successful entrepreneurs, it’s their willingness to take action.

They don’t wait for the time to be right.

They don’t wait until they feel ready.

They don’t wait until they have the perfect plan.

Catch the drift? They don’t wait. They don’t fuck around. They get out there and they get shit done. Period.

And you need to do the same.

But what if I make a mistake?

Then good. Make a mistake. Make lots of them. You should be making mistakes out the wazoo. It means you’re learning. It means you’re going for it. You’re on your way.

Fucking up is no big deal. It’s simply the opportunity that allows you to course-correct. You need mistakes in order to hone in on the right path. You can’t avoid them. You shouldn’t avoid them. The only way to avoid making mistakes is to avoid action itself. To attempt nothing.

But then, that’s the biggest mistake of ‘em all.


Mindset Will Make You or Break You

Life is dynamic. Full of change. And change begets change. The world never stays the same. Neither do you.

The one constant is interaction. For as long as you live, you will be forced to interact with the world in one way or another. The word that matters here is YOU.

Because you can’t control what life throws at you. You can only control what you throw back. So how you choose to see the world will determine everything in your life.

And it is a choice. Make no mistake about it.

Now, I’m not telling you to put on a happy face when you actually feel like shit. I’m not suggesting that you lie to yourself with positive affirmations you don’t really believe.

Fake is never going to work.

What I am telling you is that you need to find a way to become the person you want to be. To think the same. To live the life, even if you don’t yet see the results.

Successful entrepreneurs were successful long before they ever achieved a damn thing. They were successful because they possessed the success mindset. They had it in them, even when they had nothing else.

So what do you have in you?

I bet it’s more than you give yourself credit for. More than you could have ever even imagined.

Because every single one of us is remarkable. Success is in our blood. In your blood. The strength of character, the grit, the passion . . . it’s all there. All you’ll ever need. It’s in you. In. You!

Now find it.


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  1. Hi Trevor,

    What can I say, my friend? What a powerful, motivational and inspirational post! Thank you so much for writing it. This is just what I needed to read on a Monday.

    There was so much wisdom in your post. One point really stood out for me. It was what you said about how we’ll only ever accomplish a small fraction of what we set out to do and if our dreams are small, what we’ll achieve will be small. This is so true! I never looked at it like this. Indeed, we are doing a massive disservice to ourselves by not dreaming big.

    I’m off to share this great post on my social networks…

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thanks Hiten! I appreciate your enthusiasm. And I’m glad it resonated with you. I think we can all use a little inspiration when it comes to Monday mornings.

      I like how you phrase it . . . “we’re doing a massive disservice to ourselves.” That is 100% true. Dreaming small never got anyone nowhere. We only have one life, why should we waste our opportunity by dreaming anything less than huge and spectacular?

      As I like to say, overreach and you’ll never underachieve.


      • Dude, this sounds Just like something my buddy Dylan would say (just sent him this post).

        Ironic, because I just started a 3 person mastermind group with him.
        One of my action items was finding bloggers out there that fit in my niche.
        I found you on that task.
        Have now sent the post to my friend Dylan.

        Full circle my friend.
        Full Circle.

        • Thanks Brooks! Your buddy Dylan sounds like my kinda guy. That’s funny about the mastermind thing. Ain’t it nifty how those circles usually just come full round like that?

  2. Spot on, Trevor. You hit all the big points. I agree with each point, but as one who has some spiritual beliefs, I also try to balance my dreams with doing what’s best for others. I also try to always maker change work in a way that puts me closer to God and other humans. It’s a fine balance to find… to chase a dream and love others as myself. But I believe it’s possible.

    • Hey Dan, thanks for bringing that up. I don’t see the two as mutually exclusive. Our dreams don’t have to be inherently selfish. What’s wrong with dreams that include helping our fellow man in one form or another?

      When I dream, I dream of legacy. And the legacy I want to leave doesn’t revolve around wealth, fame, or material possessions. It revolves around a message. It revolves around giving what I have to offer, however little or however much it may be.

      I’m not one to judge anyone else by their dreams, but I’d say that if your dreams don’t including helping in one way or another, then you’re dreaming too small. Because you’re only dreaming about yourself.

      Thanks for the great thoughts Dan.


      • Great response.
        You’re right, they’re not mutually exclusive.
        I’m just now figuring this out about legacy and revolving around a message.
        Most folks around me chase money or things.
        While that can be a by product of what I’m chasing, I’m chasing a cause.
        The cause for my life and for those around me.
        Cool blog.

        • Glad you been liking the blog Brooks. I like how you describe it as “chasing a cause.” That’s precisely what it is. There are so many things in life greater than just material possessions and monetary wealth. Don’t get me wrong. Those things can be great, but they should not be the ends themselves. Life is about experiences. Money and things, when used properly, can help add to those experiences, but they are not prerequisites to a life well lived.

          Chasing a cause. Building a legacy. These are the things that matter most. Cause can be whatever is important to you. Family, community, charity. Legacy is your lasting contribution to that cause. What people remember when you’re gone. The mark you left in this world.

          The pursuit of cause and legacy are ideals far more valuable than money can ever be. Money is nothing more than a convenient way of trading value. But it holds no inherent value in and of itself.

          Life, love, and health is where true value will be found.


          • “Chasing a cause. Building a legacy. These are the things that matter most. Cause can be whatever is important to you. Family, community, charity. Legacy is your lasting contribution to that cause. What people remember when you’re gone. The mark you left in this world.”


            Of course if your cause is to acquire stuff, then so have it. But as you and I know, the secret is the experiences that are had in the process.

            As I once heard it said, “When the game is over, it all goes back in the box.”

          • I like that quote. I’ll be stealing it. But yeah, if someone’s cause is just to accumulate crap, that’s their business. But they ain’t taking it with ’em when they’re gone.

  3. Great post. One of the things I hear about successful blogging is give people something to think about… well, your point(s) about procrastination stopped me in my tracks. I hate procrastination and sometimes it kicks me in the teeth. Other times I whoop its tail and feel like I’ll never hear from it again. Arghhh.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    • And thank you, Hutch, for the kind words.

      I’m with you . . . I absolutely despise procrastination. I’ve wasted so much life and opportunity to that excuse. If we all have our demons, then procrastination is mine.

      But I’ve gotten pretty good at kicking its ass over the past few years. I don’t always win, but I’m a helluva lot better than 50/50 with it these days. Maybe 80/20. Not where I want to be, but gettin’ better all the time.

      Sounds to me like you’re of a similar mindset. So long as the trend is moving towards less and less procrastination, then I’d say you’re doing well.


  4. Trevor, within the first minute of reading this post I had an epiphany. Your second point about change and comfort made me realize something, especially the part the reads, “The longer you keep to your comfort zone, the smaller that zone gets. You become willing to do less and less.”

    Recently I’ve found myself slacking off big time. Why? Because I’m comfortable. I realize I’m still young, but one thing I’m sick of is the comfort that I’m provided with. I’m living with my parents, I pay $50 a week for food and accommodation which to be frank is stuff all. I have little to no formal commitments and the only pressure is to earn enough money to pay my parents, gym, and gas.

    Hence the slacking off! This is changing now though, like I said – I came to a realization. That I’m being a pussy. Coasting along enjoying life only lasts for so long, I’m sure some people delude themselves by believing they can live a happy life whilst being in a job they don’t like, with massive debt on their head, and a slippery marriage. Hard work brings the opposite.

    Understand that I’m writing this comment as I read the post. Fear seems to be the answer to the comfort problem. I know I truly fear not getting somewhere, not achieving something important. I may have to make a desktop wallpaper with some sort of mantra to remind myself every da- I mean every hour.

    One of your best posts Trevor, I really appreciate this.

    • Reading and commenting at the same time, eh Sam? I thought you were a vocal part of the anti-multi-tasking brigade.

      Seriously though, I’m glad this post struck such a cord with you. You’re absolutely right . . . the longer you live with the ease and comfort provided by your family, the harder it will be to set out on your own and truly make something of yourself.

      That said, you are only 17. It’s not like you’re a 30 year old living at home. So don’t get too down on yourself. So long as you realize the pattern — and then mix things up — you’re gonna be just fine. You’ve got way more ambition than any 17 year old I ever knew. And you’ve already accomplished a ton. So give yourself a little credit . . .

      Then go out and get even more shit done.


  5. Nailed it.

    I think the first one is probably the biggest one. If you don’t dream big and I mean BIG then you’re always setting yourself up for failure. Lifestyle entrepreneurs set themselves up to think they just want their little fiefdom and they’ll be happy. That’s okay, but it isn’t going to build a sense of achievement.

    Paying your dues is another huge one. The ironic thing is that many entrepreneurs try 2-3 times before quitting and getting a job. Of course, they do fine, but they probably would have had all the lessons they needed to be successful with the next venture. Quite a paradox, but you gotta pay your dues, no doubt.

    Great post, Trevor!

    • Thanks Mans! I think you’re right about those would be successes who quit right when they were about to cross the finish line. 2-3 failures might not be enough. Maybe you need 4 or 5. Or 20. 50?

      However many it takes.

      As Pressfield likes to point out, resistance is always at its greatest right before you’re about to succeed. It’s the final test. To see if you really do deserve your success. If you earned it.

      It’s always at your weakest when you have to push your hardest. Like that last rep under the barbell . . . that’s when the weight feels the heaviest. That’s when the rep is the hardest. And yet it’s the most important one to push through. It’s the rep that provides all the benefit. Stopping short leaves you with nothing.


      • DUDE! You like Pressfield too? I feel like I knew that already, haha. I read “The War of Art” twice and both times I’ve done it in a day. That guy is amazing.

        By the way, one thing I’ve learned from meditation is that resistance in the way Pressfield personifies it begets more resistance. Therefore, if you realize you’re facing resistance and you say “why can’t I overcome it?” it’s a form of resistance in itself.

        A lot of times, paradoxically, you have to only be aware of the resistance and let it flow through you without being ALLOWED to make an impact. Maybe that sounds a bit woo-woo, but I hope it makes sense.

        • Dude, doesn’t everyone like Pressfield?

          I think you’re right about resistance. It’s like the chinese finger trap. The more you struggle, the more you fight against it, the tighter it gets. Same with resistance. I don’t think “let it flow through you” sounds woo-woo at all. Well, ok . . . maybe a little. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Better to bend like a reed in the wind, than to snap like an oak. And all that shit.

  6. I love every single one, Trevor – even if I can’t say them all in public. 😉

    I still have fear. I had fear when I started my own business – fear I wasn’t good enough, expert enough, experienced enough. Guess what? Fear faded little by little with every new student, every interaction with a parent, every student who read or wrote just a little bit better than they did when they walked in. This past weekend I had the opportunity to pay it forward. Someone else wants to start her own business. What did I see? Fear. Fear of not getting enough students, fear of advertising, fear of not being good enough. I asked her to think of the worst case scenario, and it just wasn’t that bad. I hope she goes for it because stagnation SUCKS! Been there, done that, and done with that! Thanks a million, Trevor!

    • That’s awesome Tammy! It’s great that you can offer her such good advice from your “been there, done that” perspective. I hope she listens. Because it sounds to me like stagnation is the worst case scenario here. It usually is. And stagnation is usually caused by an inability to act in the face of fear.

      It’s not surprising that success only comes to those who are willing to push past their fear. To continue on in spite of it. Fear is the gatekeeper. It separates the achievers from the dreamers. Often, the greatest achievements we make in life come only after we’ve walked through the fire.

      Thanks for the insight Tammy. I hope your friend takes your advice and goes for it.


  7. I cannot believe I just read, “So why not tap that ass?” Off the charts funny, man. But placed well amongst some serious and well-made points.

    I am really into this living with and even reveling in discomfort thing. Accepting it and working within its bounds opens me up to bigger opportunities and more ass tapping.

    I was comfortable in many ways when I taught, especially financially. But I was miserable. When I broke out and opened my guitar studio, I was swimming in discomfort and change. Discomfort for me is simply another way of realizing that I am alive. It is that pinch that snaps me back into reality. And when I work within the constraints of reality, I can actually get shit done.

    • Ha! Isn’t it amazing how bigger opportunities lead to more ass tapping like that? I think it’s great that you’ve managed to become so accepting of the discomfort. And it sounds like the results speak for themselves.

      And to be teaching guitar no less! That’s just plain badass. Back when I was playing, I always had a sorta-dream to teach guitar. Except, well . . . you know . . . I totally sucked. But still, the idea seemed freakin’ ideal to me.

      Rock on CJ!

      • Rock on I will, Trevor. And thank you for your kind reply. The guitar has been very good to me since 1985. One of my best friends;)

  8. Trevor – stop yelling at me! Kidding – I love your style and your content. Spot on.
    I clicked here: And it can help you beat procrastination with just two little words. : and got a good laugh out loud at my desk. Perfect. Have a fabulous day!

    • Ha! Thanks Lauren! I guess I can get a little loud sometimes. Well, digital-loud anyway. Digiloud?

      But yeah, maybe not the words you would expect (unless you know me very well) but they certainly work for me. It’s practically my mantra. “Fuck it” is the only reason I ever get anything done.

      Thanks for stopping by Lauren. I’m glad you liked the article.


  9. Hello Trever, you provided some true and great points! Successful take actions, though they might failure or fall down, they keep moving forward and never give up. They know if they keep kicking ass eventually they will see success. Great points.

    • Thanks Dan. But you feelin’ alright buddy? Or just outsourcing your commenting to VA’s from India? Maybe you just had a few . . . that’s cool. I’m having a couple brewskis myself tonight. Have a good night, and sleep it off buddy.

      Cheers! For real 😉

      • Ha, I wonder how much that would cost to outsource my comments:) no, it’s not worth it.

        The comment I left was what I was thinking when reading your post. Sorry if it sounded insincere or something. Maybe it’s the brewskis you drank:) It might just be me though, I’ve had a long week.

  10. Change IS uncomfortable and inevitable. The attitude to it separates those who can do and those who won’t. It’s that simple.

    It isn’t just entrepreneurs that do this though – those happy to be 9-5-ers can apply every one of these points too.

    Really motivating post, Trevor. This is the first time I’m commenting on your blog and I hope to return!

    – Razwana

    • Thanks Razwana! You’re absolutely right, these points apply to everyone looking to achieve something worthwhile in their lives. But entrepreneurs make for a good study on the topic.

      Thanks for stopping by Raswana. I hope to see you around.


  11. Best. Headers. Ever.

    Part of me wants to go back to my procrastination posts and add “is for pussies”. I want to stay married though. It’s a tough call….

  12. Such a great post Trevor,
    Procrastination is probably the biggest culprit of failure and what stops most of us from growing.
    This is something I battle with all the time. Particularly when things aren’t going how I want them to.
    I actually discussed this with Pat Flynn when I interviewed him.

    In the beginning when starting something new. It’s so difficult to motivate yourself because there’s no one there rooting for you, no followers or people reading your stuff. I think it’s imperative to have a group of people close to you or at least have a mastermind of people to help motivate you to keep going.

    • I’ve heard so much about the mastermind thing. It seems to be pretty damn popular. And it was recommended by Napoleon Hill, who I’m a huge fan of.

      Never tried it though.

      Not sure I’m a mastermind kinda guy. I don’t like being held accountable by others, and I do pretty well holding myself accountable. But it definitely seems like a powerful method to beat procrastination for those with the right mindset.

      And I gotta say, that’s just damn cool that you got to interview Pat Flynn. Well done.


  13. Well, congratulations Trevor. You’ve just motivated the hell out of me.

    God it is hard to do this shit sometimes. But you’re right – it’s hard for everyone. The only way to get through it is to get through it. Do shit. Make mistakes. Learn, and then make more. Nice steps too. Aim as high as you can believe in, because otherwise you’re selling yourself short and you’ll run out of juice. Don’t wait for anything because not trying is a fate worse than death. Enjoy the pain of change, befriend fear, screw opportunity, and be ready for the really long haul. Damn right.

    So here’s my question.

    Do you know of a community where you can tell people your stupidly big dreams, tell them what action you’re taking, what your learning from your mistakes, and have them care if you don’t show?

    • That’s a good question Morgan. I don’t know of any community like that, other than friends and family. As Onder mentioned, mastermind groups are very popular among online entrepreneurs. For all the reasons you mentioned. You get together to discuss each other’s plans, action steps, and share advice and insight. The group holds each other accountable to get shit done. Very powerful stuff for some people.

      Then there’re paid communities like Fizzle from the guys at Think Traffic. I don’t know how much it costs, but you get to join a group of similar folks all sharing what’s working for them and what’s not, with training material supplied by big name internet entrepreneurs and opportunities to pick their brains. Sounds pretty cool if you got the cash.

      And there’s always that person in the mirror. That’s the one who’s opinion matters most.

      I’m glad I was able to motivate the hell out of you Morgan.


  14. Master procrastinator here! I admit it. It happens more oft than not. What can I say? I get bored easily. Distracted easily. I’m notorious for not finishing things. Rather, for starting so many things that I cannot possibly finish them all haha. I am also a master multi-tasker. I multi-task to simply remind myself wth I was supposed to be doing! I’m Aquarius, my head is always in the clouds 😛

    I have mixed feelings about your post. I recognize the value in what you say, that in order to reach your heart’s desire you must dream BIG. Stop procrastinating. Don’t think, DO! I get it. I do.

    But (lol not followed by a “fuck it” either), I was handed a nasty curveball a few years back. It resulted in a chronic illness with chronic pain and fatigue. Knocked me on my ass and then some, still does. I had to quit my job, give up a career. Force myself to slow the hell down, pace myself. Or spend days recovering on my back in bed.

    It’s doubly challenging to force myself out of bed some days, let alone endure the long #VBPDs (very bad pain days). So to set goals and dream of BIG dreams on top of all that.. meh! Seems impossible.

    Yet if you were to ask anyone who knows me well, they’d tell you I’m a very positive person. Half glass full kinda gal who looks for the positives in life. I just have a hard time seeing a personal future when the chronic illness is still going to depict what I can, or cannot, do.

    Baby steps, one day at a time. Don’t dwell on the things you cannot do or control. Those are my goals. They may seem very small, but that’s all I’ve got for the time being. Thank gawd for the internet though! Keeps me sane and out of trouble. Mostly 😀

    Great post! Love how you tell it like it IS 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your struggles Shannon. I understand where you’re coming from. I guess “dream big” is relative. What one person considers a huge goal may just be a small step for another. On those days when you’re crippled by pain, then yes, just getting out of bed can be a huge goal. And nothing cuts your dreams short and brings you to the present like pain. I get that, believe me.

      What I want is for people to not limit their dreams needlessly. I believe in wild dreams, but realistic expectations. The two mix like oil and vinegar, but that can be pretty damn tasty at times. Especially when you add a little Romano.

      I don’t think you’ve been beaten down by your condition. I see no need for a “but” there at all. You have fibromyalgia that causes you extreme pain. AND you’ve become a successful blogger/wizard-of-all-things-internet. In my mind that means you ARE NOT limiting your dreams. Certainly not your actions.

      As I said, our dreams are our own. We may never reach them, but so long as we try then we have nothing to regret. A dream is only fantasy when you don’t act on it.


      • Thanks Trevor 🙂 The wizard know it all super-hero thing is something Ann Smarty labeled me with, she’s so sweet! I’m just like anyone else, mostly self taught, learn from trial and error. I’m just thrilled to be on her team and still get to dabble in SEO with MyBlogGuest.com. I just adore her!

  15. Hi Trevor,

    Im myself an entrepreneur and started self employment few months back. Well i must say you have put up a really nice article. Its really awesome and kinda motivating. I must admit to you man few years ago when i started my career i was damn afraid of getting into it and really sometimes procrastinated. But then one fine day i made an end to everything. I just hugged my fears and killed the procrastinator inside me. Now im on my way chasing my dreams. And your article really brought up a fire inside me that would never ever extinguish. Thanks a lot man.

    Vikneshwar Satya

    • That’s awesome Vikneshwar! I’m glad you found it motivating. Sounds like you’re well on your way to entrepreneurial success as it is. It seems lots of folks struggle with fear and procrastination, but those who reach the highest levels of success, at some point found a way to deal with them. For you that was when you “hugged your fears and killed the procrastinator inside.” Well done.


  16. Way to get us motivated. It’s either you’re in or out. You want to get rich or not. There’s no grey area. Just black and white. And if you want to be rich, work hard for it. Just like what you’ve said, act on it. No one will do it for you other than yourself.

    • Thanks KC! I’m glad you found it motivating. Success is many different things to many different people. For some it means getting rich, for others it means a life free from bosses and cubicles. Some want to travel, others just want to help out their community. Whatever it is that each of us strives for, these principles still apply. We gotta bust ass and be persistent. No excuses.


  17. That ‘opportunity is a skank’ part is worthy of being on a poster. Procrastination is my biggest problem. I read the post you linked to about 2 words to beat it a few days ago and while I did kinda laugh… I admit.. it works. It’s easy to remember and it’s straight-forward unlike a lot of inspirational motivational metaphorical writing that sounds pretty but doesn’t necessarily give you the jolt to your brain like a stronger word. Profanity sure serves a purpose when you know when to use it.

    • Thanks Denise! I thought that “skank” bit was going to be the part that made people leave my site forever, but I said “fuck it” and went with it anyway. I love those two little words. I’ve done so much more than at any other time of my life because of them. They’re not just limited to procrastination — they’re great for when you’re on the borderline and hesitant to make a tough decision, or when you’re about to cave in to fear.

      I think the simple act of saying “fuck it” actually makes your balls bigger. Or your metaphorical balls, if you don’t have any. It does for me anyway.


  18. Great article! Very well said and right to the point. Get off your butt and do something. Don’t expect it to happen right away. Don’t procrastinate (guilty as charge in this one). Have the right mind set. Very clear! Thanks!

    • Glad you liked it Elena! I’ve been known to be guilty of that procrastination thing myself from time to time. Though the frequency is becoming less and less.


  19. Choice/s: Not defeating myself before I start, reaching out, unlearning certain habits, and being present.

    • All great choices Zu. Especially that first one. It’s scary to think how many people are defeated before they even begin. And they do it to themselves. With the right mindset, you can achieve anything. But the flipside is that with the wrong mindset, you will certainly achieve nothing.


  20. Adam Alban says:

    This article rocks! Im in the middle of one of my more controlled “failures” BUT I press on. I read this and it helps get rid of the “stinkin’ thinkin'”. Keep em coming


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