A Call To Action


Why “A Call To Action”? Because that’s exactly what this is.


If you’ve found yourself here then it’s likely you’re dissatisfied with something in your life. That something may be poor health, obesity, skinny genes, diabetes, or whatever. The point is you are looking for a way out . . . a way out of your body . . . a way out of yourself.


Of course, there is no way out. Your body is yours and you’re stuck with it for life. BUT, the body you have now does NOT have to be the body you have tomorrow. Flesh can be molded. Disease can be tamed. Change is not just possible, it is inevitable. It’s up to you to decide how that change will manifest. You can continue the same path, the path that led to where you now find yourself. It’s safe and familiar, but you know where it ends. Or you can take that first step into the unknown and see where it leads.


And that is what this blog is about. It is about the single greatest power we humans possess . . . the power to take action. Nothing can be accomplished without action. Thought is powerless without follow through. Grand visions are nothing, but sad daydreams if they go unaccompanied by will and deeds.


You are here because you want to change how you look and feel. What you may not realize is taking that first step towards physical fitness IS strength. It IS power. It IS forging a new you. Not just in body, but spirit as well. You cannot separate the body from the mind. Strengthen one and you will strengthen the other.


What you will find as you gradually start improving your body is that this power to act, to create change, is not just real but is completely at your mercy. What you see when you look in the mirror and you’ve dropped fat and gained muscle is the power of your own will to change, actually change, physical reality.


So where does it end? The limits are in your hands. What begins as a physical transformation can, and often does, become so much more. When you realize you have the power to change yourself – to change your world, in effect – you realize that power can be directed to any and all areas of your life. How else you choose to wield that power is up to you.


So this is it. This is your first step. You’ve made the choice and now it’s time to follow through. It’s a hard road you’ve chosen, but the challenge is what we seek because it’s the challenge that makes us stronger . . . makes us better. It is the challenge that will lead us into a new world.


If you listen carefully you can actually hear the change. It’s in the wind, in the very air you breathe. Listen. Do you hear the call?


That is your call to action.

Stand Up and TAKE CHARGE!

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