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Who am I?

“I’m Trevor, pleasure to meet you.” Now that I’ve made your acquaintance here’s the scoop: I’m 37 years old (at time of writing) and didn’t start weight training until I was 33. I do not work in the fitness industry. I was a bread baker for ten years and now I work at a computer company (though I know little about computers). Update: I’m a baker again! I’m originally from Southern California, but now I live in a little red barn here in beautiful rural Vermont. I’m so damn lucky! And did I mention I like to train?


Why listen to me?

I suppose this is where I tell you all about my credentials, certifications, degrees, awards, yada yada. On second thought, perhaps it would be better to start with what I am not . . .

I am not a certified personal trainer, physical therapist, or Registered Dietician. I am not a doctor, scientist, or professor. I am not a world class athlete, bodybuilder, strong man, or strength coach. And I am certainly not some oiled-up supermodel with baby smooth skin, spray-on tan, and chiseled six-pack. In fact, I don’t even go to the gym.

So what am I then?

I’m just a guy who enjoys exercise and has experienced a measure of success in that endeavor. I started relatively late in life yet I’ve still built muscle, lost fat, and created a better physique. I’ve had successes; I’ve had failures. I’ve injured myself through stupidity – rehabbed successfully – then re-injured myself though stupidity all over again. I’ve tried all the diets (even made a few up myself) and tried most supplements out there, though now I take next to none. I’ve changed my opinion on nutrition and exercise more times than I can count.

In other words, I am NOT an authority, nor will I ever pretend to be such. I am, however, on the same journey as everyone reading this blog. We are all trying to improve our lives, and chasing physical fitness is just one of the means to do so. I can give honest advice based on my successes and failures. And I expect to learn from all those who participate in this blog.

So what am I about? I am about the belief that everyone can make a difference in their lives through the pursuit of fitness. There are no right or wrong goals, just as there are no perfect routines to reach them. It is about the journey and the quality it helps bring to our lives. Overreach and you’ll never underachieve.


Why I started this blog:

This blog is about taking action. It is just as much my call to action as it is yours. It is my own first step towards creating a new me. I’ve had success changing my body (though much work remains) and now I’m taking the action necessary to prompt new change . . . change in other areas of my life.

So I’m laying it all out on the line. I’m taking the chance and exposing my successes and failures for all the world to see. I am using this blog as my platform to speak, to any who care to listen, about the things that matter to me . . . health, strength, and living a self-determined life. I’m sure I am not the only one who sees value in these things. I hope to find like minded individuals and build a community of support and accountability.

In short, I started this blog as a means to own my life, and I hope that along the way I can help inspire a few people to own theirs as well.


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