Bulking For The Skinny Guy – How Much Fat Gain Is Too Much?

  In my article, “Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3 . . . For The Skinny Ectomorph,” I discussed the challenges skinny guys face when it comes to building muscle. But in addressing those challenges I now realize I left out one very important consideration . . . should the true blue ectomorph concern himself […]

Three Popular Intermittent Fasting Methods

  In yesterday’s post I introduced the concept of Intermittent Fasting (IF). It’s important to have a clear understanding of the concept so one can intelligently apply the principle. Now that you have a good idea what intermittent fasting is we can discuss a few of the more common IF protocols out there.   But before […]

Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

  Today I’m going to introduce a concept known as intermittent fasting. It’s an idea that has been gaining popularity with the health and fitness crowd, but has yet to catch on with the medical establishment or mainstream media.   Intermittent fasting is a pretty simple idea at its heart. It’s exactly what it sounds […]

Real Food Redux

  Upon re-reading yesterday’s post, I realized I was pretty damn vague about what constitutes real food. I have a habit of circling issues – I like to discuss things and let people reach their own conclusions. My belief is that the best answers will usually be the ones we find for ourselves.   Still, […]

Real Food Primer

  During the life of this blog, one thing you will see me oft mention is the concept of eating real food. I’ll write things like “Most people don’t need to take protein supplements, just eat real food,” or “Multivitamins cannot compensate for the nutrition found in real food,” or what will likely become a […]

Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3 . . . For The Skinny Ectomorph

Someone get this guy a sammich!   For your whole life you’ve been a twig . . . scrawny to the point of sunken. It’s not a pretty sight. Your extra small t-shirt hangs loosely over your shoulders while your baggy skater jeans (good for hiding your bony legs) are just barely held in place by […]

Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 2 . . . Bulking For The Skinny-Fat

The frightening effects of estrogen dominance.   You’re looking into the mirror trying to decide . . . are you skinny or fat? You look at your string-bean legs and noodley arms and figure you’re pretty damn scrawny. But then your gaze wanders to your pudgy belly and saggy man-boobs . . . fat, for […]

Eat To Gain Muscle . . . Bulking Methods Overview

  You’ve heard it before . . . if you want to gain muscle you have to eat and eat and eat. With few exceptions that statement is true. For muscles to grow to any great degree you need an abundance of energy and nutrients. However, there are many approaches to eating for growth. For […]