If You Want to Unlock Your Potential then Take a Chance



As you may have noticed, if you’re a regular here, today’s picture is just a boring ‘ol photo of some caged fella. You were likely expecting another awesome comic from Nijaz. Looking forward to it, probably.


I’m sorry to disappoint. After just three posts, our collaboration has come to an end. We had a disagreement on what would or wouldn’t be published. It’s really no surprise. In fact, it was inevitable. We’ve butted heads for as long we’ve known each other. It’s just how it is.


He’s an artist and he’ll draw what he wants. And I’m a blogger, I’ll post what I want. It was a volatile mix from the start.


In the series opener I implied how risky this concept was. But I was curious. It was either going to be a wild success or a spectacular failure. So I took a chance.


It turned out to be the latter.


Or did it?


I mean, it was great fun for the short time it lasted. And his drawing for “How to Be Successful – With a Simple Change in Mindset” actually spurred me to write a far better article than the short post I was originally planning. When I saw that drawing I knew I had to up my game. And it’s turned into one of my most popular posts.


The series was a risk. But then, so are all opportunities.


And the crash and burn got me thinking about it. About risk and opportunity.


Why Do We Fear Opportunity?


Let’s face it: opportunity terrifies us . . . at least, some of us. It used to terrify me as well. I’ve written about how I turned down the greatest opportunity I ever had when I refused an apprenticeship with one of the world’s foremost Master Bakers – something I’d dreamed of since the day I first began baking bread.


Why the fuck would I do that?


Fear. Simple as that.


Fear of change. Fear of failure. Fear of stepping up.


I turned my back on a once in a lifetime opportunity because I was afraid.


How many others have done the same?


My guess is plenty. Millions, most likely. Think about all the wasted opportunity that represents. The wasted potential. Wasted life.


It makes me sick.


We might as well just be tossing all our hopes and dreams right in the dung heap. With the rest of the shit.


Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we hold ourselves back? We’re only lying to ourselves when we tell ourselves that taking the safe road is the right decision. If we were being honest, we would admit that we’re too afraid to leave our safe little bubble.


But the hard truth is that the longer we stay in our bubble — the less we stray from our comfort zone — the smaller and smaller our comfort zone gets. It actually fucking shrinks.


Take a Chance


You only fail when you fail to take a chance.


So if you’ve become too risk averse, the only cure is to take more risk. You have to expand your comfort zone. Better yet, just put a fist right through that fucker. Tear it down.


Because while your comfort zone may feel safe, it’s actually killing you. It’s a prison. A prison for your dreams and ambitions. A prison that locks your potential. That binds who you could be . . . who you were meant to be.


You can’t grow when you’re trapped in an ever-shrinking cage.


So break the fuck out!


The longer you wait the harder it gets. Just take a chance for fuck’s sake. The worst that’ll happen is you’ll fall flat on your face in front of thousands of people. I just did. It’s not that big a deal. You’ll get over it.


Make a habit of saying “yes” to Opportunity. The more you embrace her, the more of herself she’ll reveal. You’ll find that she’s quite promiscuous . . . if you’ve got the guts to seek her out.


Do you?



(Photo by cobrasoft at stock.xchng.)

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  1. That’s a shame, really, I loved his comics, but alas! That was some quite big opportunity – master baker, wow. It’s hard to get a grip of what losing out on opportunity is when people say ‘millions do it everyday’, but that example of yours put it right in front of me. Made me think for a moment!

    ‘You only fail when you fail to take a chance.’ So, so true. If you try and fail that’s called learning. And like you say, you don’t want opportunity to come knocking on your door but you’re not ready to greet her…

    Inspirational post, Trevor!

    • Absolutely Nick. Failure is just an opportunity to learn. When viewed through that light, it’s really not that much of a threat. It actually benefits us. I guess that’s why so many successful entrepreneurs say “Fail quickly and fail often.” Phrased another way, it simply means learn your lessons early on. Makes sense to me.


  2. Great post! When we move through and past our fears great things begin to happen. I have recently started to be intentional about getting speaking gigs, I have one booked and a potential one, this scares me to death(speaking in public) but I know I’m called to teach leadership. Stepping out and trying my best:)

  3. I’m doing it, man! I’m breaking out of the box. I actually have a post scheduled about this same topic. We never move forward if we don’t take a chance.

    • Awesome Dan! I can’t wait to see what you have to say on the subject. As a teacher of public speaking, I’m sure you’ll have all sorts of good stuff to say on the topic. Talk about taking a chance!


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