Life Don’t Owe You Shit


(This post is part of the Friday Night Kick in the Ass series.)


You’d better just face it. Life doesn’t owe you jack shit. Not a damn thing. Until you can accept that simple hard truth, you will never amount to anything.


This is one of the greatest roadblocks to success and fulfillment you will ever face. Life owes you . . . you may not admit it aloud, but deep down you believe it. After all, you didn’t ask to be born into this world. All it took was one frisky night and 9 months later out you popped.


Kicking, wailing, and covered in blood.


You were thrown brutally into life without a say whatsoever. Yeah . . . life owes you something for that. It owes you big time. Admit it.


Or maybe . . .


Maybe you don’t realize the opportunity you’ve been given.


Maybe you’ve been blessed with the greatest gift there is.


Maybe it’s you who owes life instead.


And just maybe you’ve been pissing it all away.


Every day you drag your miserable ass into work with the mindset of suffering through those 8 hours of drudgery is a waste of life. Either change your mindset or get the fuck out.


Every hour spent watching mind-numbing reality shows is a waste of life. Stop the voyeurism. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to live your life rather than watching the ridiculous caricatures on Jersey Shore?


Every moment spent living in the past or dreaming of a future you’re not working towards is a waste of life. The past is gone and the future never comes. What you do this minute is all that matters. It’s who you are now. And it shapes who you will become.


Life is a fucking gift!


It’s been granted to you free of charge and with no strings attached. Quit being such an ungrateful bastard. If you’re not happy with this gift you’ve been given, it’s only because you have done nothing with it.




Not even a thank you.


You only get out of life what you put in. So quit acting the charity case. Life isn’t going drop a pile of money into your lap just because you want it. Your dream girl isn’t going to just pop out of a magic lantern and cater to your every need because you feel you deserve it.


Do you deserve it?


Have you been living up to the expectations life has set? That’s right. You may have been given life, but it comes with high expectations.


Live. Learn. Love.


These are the investments we make in life. They compound with time and their value will be returned ten fold. But if you’re not living, learning, and loving then you are wasting your opportunity.


You end up with nothing.


This world wants you to make something of yourself. You were not born just a crying lump of flesh. You were a bundle of potential. It was given to you for a purpose.


Find it and fulfill it.


Or keep wasting it if that’s what you prefer. But don’t complain about life treating you unfairly. What’s more unfair than flushing your gift down the toilet?


Life doesn’t owe you shit. And yet it’s blessed you all the same. Maybe you should return the favor.



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  1. Great advice! I’ve been reading a number of “inspirational” quotes lately. Thanks for the change in tone! Refreshing!

    • Hi Rick, I appreciate the compliment. I try to keep it real around here. A little too real sometimes, I suspect. But nothing good ever came of denying reality.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. You speak cold, hard truth in such matter of fact terms that life is beautiful and we ought to be taking it by the reins and enjoying the best damn ride of our lives instead ow whining and bitching about how life has screwed us up. We all need a kick in the butt once in awhile!

    • That we do, Dan. I’ve been taking my own (self-inflicted) ass kickings for a while now, and as painful as it’s been, it’s done me tremendous good. To change your mindset — and I mean TRULY change it — is one of the most freeing experiences you can undergo. I still continue undergoing it myself.

      But it sure as hell ain’t always fun.


  3. Sometimes it takes real misery to change behaviors. I was most definitely miserable when I was obese. I hated so much about what was going on in my life at the time. That misery sparked change. One day I was just fed up and it pushed to make a massive change: lose the weight, get healthy, learn to love exercise.

    • I think you’re right Lisa. The level of change we make often directly relates to the level of misery we feel (and if we don’t change, our misery only skyrockets). So minor annoyances result in minor changes, but profound suffering results in profound changes.

      What our pain actually represents is the opportunity for growth. We all have pain . . . we might as well use it to make ourselves into something better.


      • You put it very well. Yes, thinking back–every time I was truly unhappy in a situation (weight, bad job, bad relationship) that unhappiness was the motivator to get a move on.

        • Unhappiness lets us know that we’re not living right. And the more unhappy we are, the further from “right” living we’ve deviated. It can be a great motivational tool to help us realign with a lifestyle that better suits who we are and who we’d like to be.

          Or is can just be a pit of misery for us to wallow in.

          As with most things in life, it’s how we react to this unhappiness that makes all the difference.



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