One Month on the Steak and Eggs Diet and . . .

(See my intro post to find out why I’m currently taking this diet challenge.)


It’s time for my Sunday confessional. Because let’s face it – that’s what these posts have become. Fortunately, it’s Superbowl Sunday so no one’s going to be reading this anyways.


Time to ‘Fess Up


I broke my diet on Thursday. Completely. My company sent me to an offsite training workshop for the day — the perfect excuse to carb up. Actually, it wasn’t so bad . . . just a sandwich and salad. And some crackers. Oh, and some potato chips. With just a few glasses of overly sweet lemonade.


Plus brownie.


Ok, so it was bad. But I’ve done worse. Friday I was good (save for a beer that was handed to me) and I took some pictures since, in my last update, I promised I’d have some “before carb up” and “after carb up” pictures. Obviously, Friday wasn’t the best day to do this since I had carbed up the day prior, but I was going to be busy on Saturday so I said “fuck it” and shot the pics anyway.


And Then . . .


I carbed the hell up yesterday! Half a box of Cheez-its, a giant plate of spaghetti, over half a sleeve a Fig Newtons. And always the drinks.


And a second dessert of course (I am part Hobbit, remember) consisting of an entire 8-pack of Pop‘ems  mini chocolate donuts. Yeah, that was good.


And Survey Says


My pics today didn’t seem all that different from Friday’s (no surprise there), or last week’s for that matter. Disappointed again.


But then I read the tape measure. I didn’t quite believe it so I re-measured, but it came out exactly the same. I checked to make sure I wasn’t holding it at a weird angle or squeezing it tight, but all checked out good.


32 5/8  inches.


A half inch drop or so from last week. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Considering I had two binge days this week, I think things moved along quite well. If I can just stick to one clean week for a change I might have some good pics to show soon.


But in the meantime, here’s where I’m at . . .



Friday’s Pictures

 Today’s Pictures

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  1. ‘No one’s going to be reading this’ pfft I’m English, no super bowl over here I’m afraid! 😀

    Things happen, and at least you’re able to accept it and not make up a tonne of excuses. I hope the next week is better for you, I’m sure it will be!

  2. I get on a healthy-eating kick about once a year. It usually lasts about 3 or 4 months and then I slowly start sliding back into old habits. I started on a kick back in August and started sliding in December. I need to catch myself. I’ve got a little more on my waist than I like.

    • I hear you Dan. But once that slide starts, it’s oh such a fun ride. Besides, it’s nearly impossible not to slide come holiday season. That’s when I usually lose it. The rest of the year I’m pretty good. Do you have any particular plans to clean up your diet?

      • There is always that one food (I’m referring to the unhealthy fattening kind) that you just cannot resist. I actually read somewhere that if, for instance, donuts are always doing it for you (ruining your diet) then you should take a bite- chew- spit it out- then put it back in your mouth. Totally gross but totally effective. You’ll never want to walk into a Krispy Kreme again.

        • Ha! That sounds downright horrible! It reminds me of the Spongebob episode where he’s in a burger making contest against King Neptune. After trying one of Spongebob’s burgers, Neptune was so impressed he spits it back out and eats it again. Freakin’ gross!

          I love your idea, and I bet it works, but I can assure you I will never try it.

          In my case, whatever food I gross myself out on through regurgitation will just be replaced by another. It’s never just one food for me . . . it’s an entire smorgasbord.

          Regurgitate donuts . . . enter cookies.

          Regurgitate cookies . . . enter cake.

          Regurgitate cake . . . enter pie.

          You get the idea.

          Thanks for stopping by and offering up that lovely and disgusting suggestion Clare. It brought back fond memories of cartoons, and then put horrible images of spit-up into my brain.


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