All About This Muscle Memory Thing, Part 3 . . . Muscle Memory In Action

  I wasn’t intending this topic to turn into a series, but I’ve found that I have more to say on the subject that I originally thought. This is probably due to having so many experiences where I lost muscle during a long layoff, then upon my return just sat back and watched muscle memory work its […]

All About This Muscle Memory Thing, Part 2 . . . Law of Muscle Generations

  Welcome back. This is the second part of our discussion on muscle memory. The first post discussed the obvious benefits of muscle memory, but now we’re going to try and get to the real heart of this intriguing phenomenon.   Disclaimer: the following discussion is based neither on theory nor sound science. It stems […]

All About This Muscle Memory Thing

This post was spurred by the discussion found in the comments of “Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3.”   I love muscle memory. I’ll confess that I’ve been on and off the exercise bandwagon many many times. Sometimes the layoffs were forced by injury; others were due to pure slackerness. I would usually do some lifting during […]

Why On Earth Do We Do This? Part 2

  If you think the preceding story is an exaggeration you are wrong. While not every workout can be that intense, such workouts are not rare in my regimen. These are the workouts that I live for . . .  unpredictable, but always welcome. You never know when your workout will suddenly take that menacing […]

Why On Earth Do We Do This?

  It’s 4:30am and my radio alarm is hammering my half-asleep ears with Lady Gaga — I think. Who knows for sure? They all sound the same on the radio these days, especially at this stupid hour.   Damn. Night’s over. Need coffee. These are without fail my first thoughts upon waking each and every morning. I […]

Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3 . . . For The Skinny Ectomorph

Someone get this guy a sammich!   For your whole life you’ve been a twig . . . scrawny to the point of sunken. It’s not a pretty sight. Your extra small t-shirt hangs loosely over your shoulders while your baggy skater jeans (good for hiding your bony legs) are just barely held in place by […]

Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 2 . . . Bulking For The Skinny-Fat

The frightening effects of estrogen dominance.   You’re looking into the mirror trying to decide . . . are you skinny or fat? You look at your string-bean legs and noodley arms and figure you’re pretty damn scrawny. But then your gaze wanders to your pudgy belly and saggy man-boobs . . . fat, for […]

Eat To Gain Muscle . . . Bulking Methods Overview

  You’ve heard it before . . . if you want to gain muscle you have to eat and eat and eat. With few exceptions that statement is true. For muscles to grow to any great degree you need an abundance of energy and nutrients. However, there are many approaches to eating for growth. For […]