Death Is At Your Doorstep. How Will You Answer It?

  This is a guest post by Kevin Cole at Perform Destiny. He’s been writing some amazing shit over there and I’m thrilled to have him as my first guest poster ever. His no bullshit attitude and brutal honesty have me hooked . . . I think he’s gonna fit right in here. Plus, he’s […]

The Hidden Truth About How Blogging Can Change Your Life

(The picture that changed my life. From Chad Howse’s “10 Awesome Things.”) So this is my 100th post. I almost missed it. I was part way through a different article before I realized that it would be my 100th.  I don’t typically place much importance on numbers, but I figured I’d set it aside and […]

6 Self-Help Mistakes That Hold People Back (Which Ones Are YOU Making?)

I see it far too often. Someone goes on a self-help kick, buys a bunch of motivational books (and maybe a few subliminal recordings), and thinks that they’ve finally made the turn. Taken their first step. Life is gonna get better now! But it doesn’t. They remain stuck. Sure, it may have seemed like they […]

Harnessing Pavlov’s Theory to go from Worrywart to a Fucking Superhero

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to show you a way to unleash a superpower. No need for gamma rays. No high-tech suit of armor required. This power is already in you, even if you don’t have mutant DNA. But first, we need to define what this superpower actually is. Or maybe we should […]

How to Avoid the “What If” Train Wreck

Ever had that moment when you really wanted to say something — maybe crack a joke or make a point that no one else had seen yet – but instead found yourself wondering what the consequences for speaking up would be?   “What if I say something stupid?” “What if nobody agrees with me?” “What […]

5 Unexpected and Totally Awesome Benefits of Letting Go

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” – Tao Te Ching   I’m sure you’ve been told it a hundred times. You’ve probably read it in books and blogs. Heard it preached in church. It’s […]

Wipe Your Ass With Mediocrity

All credit for the headline (and lovely mental image) goes to Ryan Hanley. I stole it from a line in his inspiring guest post over at Skool of Life (see below for a link to the actual post). Thanks buddy! Mediocrity. The very word makes me sick. Makes me want to slit my wrists, really. […]

8 Kickass Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

Entrepreneurs are the embodiment of success. When we imagine success in its purest form, they’re most often the ones we think of. They live by their own rules. They make the world as they want to see it. And in turn, shape it for the rest of us. But what is it about entrepreneurs that […]