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Alright, this is the last post that I number . . . I promise. Now, to continue with our discussion; the intent of this blog is to whittle away all the complicated overly thought out exercise and nutrition crapola floating around on the interwebz and in exercise/diet books and mags. Even many of the high-end expensive personal trainers out there are designing ridiculously nuanced programs that fail to deliver real results.


So we’ll be simplifying. Why spend hours designing a complicated routine when a simple one will suffice? Why spend your precious time writing food journals and counting out calories/fat/carbs when simply eating real food will get you 90% there?


What I hope to start with this blog is a down to earth discussion about what is actually necessary and useful for your individual goals. Not my goals, not your girlfriend’s goals, not your doctor’s goals. Every individual has their own unique set of goals and will follow different paths as they attempt to reach them. Chase your dreams and leave others to their own.


In the spirit of keeping it simple, there are certain things you will not find in this blog. Foremost missing will be references to or detailed analysis of various studies, or up to date news on the latest scientific research into obesity/nutrition/sports/etc. Not that those topics are without value, but this is not the place. There are many other blogs that go into great detail about these subjects and do it much better than I could. No, we’re going to stay focused and refrain from getting caught up in too many details.


Another thing you will find lacking in this blog is the assumption that the author (hey, that’s me!) is the be-all-end-all when it comes to exercise and nutrition. If you haven’t read the “About” page then go do it right now so you know what you’re getting into. That being said, I know a thing or two about this fitness business and I’m here to offer what advice I can.


Hopefully this blog will attract enough regulars that we can have a real dialogue about our individual paths to fitness and how we can progress towards our goals. Sometimes we may need a pat on the back and sometimes what we need is a kick in the butt. I will try my best to help motivate you, and I expect I will in turn be motivated by each of you. Fitness is a lifelong journey and there is no end, but death.


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