5 Hard Lessons Learned in 5 Years Under the Bar

I was a relative late-comer to the iron game – I didn’t start lifting until I was 33. Still, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two in the 5 years I’ve been weightlifting. Now I may be a bit of a slow study, but I can still save you some of the pain and […]

Bulking For The Skinny Guy – How Much Fat Gain Is Too Much?

  In my article, “Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3 . . . For The Skinny Ectomorph,” I discussed the challenges skinny guys face when it comes to building muscle. But in addressing those challenges I now realize I left out one very important consideration . . . should the true blue ectomorph concern himself […]

Fill Your Shirt Out Like A Man Dammit! Part 2

  In my last post I explained why building up a massive back is the best way to fill out our T-shirts. Even if all we want are sleeves that look painted onto our bulging biceps, we need to start with back training in order to make this a reality. So now that we all […]

Fill Your Shirt Out Like A Man Dammit!

  Admit it, you’ve worn t-shirts a size too small just so they would be tight around your arms. I’ll confess, back in the day I used to buy small shirts, though I was a medium, for no other reason than the snug fit on my arms.   It’s a fact, having a shirt tightly […]

All About This Muscle Memory Thing, Part 3 . . . Muscle Memory In Action

  I wasn’t intending this topic to turn into a series, but I’ve found that I have more to say on the subject that I originally thought. This is probably due to having so many experiences where I lost muscle during a long layoff, then upon my return just sat back and watched muscle memory work its […]

All About This Muscle Memory Thing, Part 2 . . . Law of Muscle Generations

  Welcome back. This is the second part of our discussion on muscle memory. The first post discussed the obvious benefits of muscle memory, but now we’re going to try and get to the real heart of this intriguing phenomenon.   Disclaimer: the following discussion is based neither on theory nor sound science. It stems […]

All About This Muscle Memory Thing

This post was spurred by the discussion found in the comments of “Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3.”   I love muscle memory. I’ll confess that I’ve been on and off the exercise bandwagon many many times. Sometimes the layoffs were forced by injury; others were due to pure slackerness. I would usually do some lifting during […]

Eat To Gain Muscle, Part 3 . . . For The Skinny Ectomorph

Someone get this guy a sammich!   For your whole life you’ve been a twig . . . scrawny to the point of sunken. It’s not a pretty sight. Your extra small t-shirt hangs loosely over your shoulders while your baggy skater jeans (good for hiding your bony legs) are just barely held in place by […]