Harnessing Pavlov’s Theory to go from Worrywart to a Fucking Superhero

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to show you a way to unleash a superpower. No need for gamma rays. No high-tech suit of armor required. This power is already in you, even if you don’t have mutant DNA. But first, we need to define what this superpower actually is. Or maybe we should […]

The Dirty on Personal Development

(Comic by Nijaz Sedic. Check out this post to learn more.)   I’m keeping this one short and to the point today. People have a tendency to over complicate things. The more difficult the problem we face, the more complicated the solution we come up with.   Because if the solution was simple, we’d have the problem […]

How to Be Successful — With a Simple Change in Mindset

(Comic by Nijaz Sedic. Check out this post to learn more.)     What is the secret of those successful few?   You know, those bastards that seem to have all the luck. Things just always work out for them. Even when the shit hits the fan — when everything looks about to fall apart […]

Personal Development through the Eyes of Nijaz

  Sometimes I do stupid shit. Like taking softcore self-shots with my cell phone – and then posting them publicly. Or making a New Year’s Resolution that’s so fucked up I won’t ever make another one.   Why do I do this?   I dunno. I guess publicly self-flogging myself is in my blood. I […]