The Egg Diet vs. Steak and Eggs: Which Works Best for Quick Fat Loss?

I’ve been known as the steak and eggs guy for a while now. It’s always my “go to” diet for quick weight loss. Because it works.  Plain and simple. At first, just my friends and family were aware of my wicked dieting ways. But when I published the diet here on my blog not so […]

The Final Kick in the Ass . . . and I’m Outta Here

(This post is the last in my Friday Night Kick in the Ass series.) Ok, so maybe I’m not outta here outta here, but this is the last post of the series. And it just sounded good, so I went with it. This series has been going strong now since mid-January. I originally came up […]

5 Powerful Ways That Writing Can Make You Smarter (and How to Maximize Your Results)

(This is the third and final post in my series on getting smarter. You can find the previous two posts here and here.) What if there was a way you could make yourself smarter? Simple, effective, and foolproof. A method that can be practiced by anyone, of any age, and always produces results. Sounds pretty […]

Kill Wishful Thinking and Finally Take Back Your Life

(This post is part of the Friday Night Kick in the Ass series.) I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You may not like me for it. You may even want to reach out and slap me. But what I’m going to tell you is the truth. And the sad part is, […]

How Do You Get Smarter? Here’s One Surprising Trick That’ll Work Wonders . . .

Everyone wants to be smarter. It doesn’t matter if they’re already a star member of MENSA or a total dipshit . . . they want to be smarter. And my guess is that you’d like to be smarter too. Well I’ve got good news for you. You CAN get smarter. And it’s not as difficult […]

This Shit’s Gonna Hurt

  In my last post, I pointed out that changing yourself will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever attempt. If you’re trying to make real and meaningful change you had better realize the enormity of the task. Otherwise, frustration will stop you dead in your tracks.   Change is not easy. And the […]

The Dirty on Personal Development

(Comic by Nijaz Sedic. Check out this post to learn more.)   I’m keeping this one short and to the point today. People have a tendency to over complicate things. The more difficult the problem we face, the more complicated the solution we come up with.   Because if the solution was simple, we’d have the problem […]

How to Be Successful — With a Simple Change in Mindset

(Comic by Nijaz Sedic. Check out this post to learn more.)     What is the secret of those successful few?   You know, those bastards that seem to have all the luck. Things just always work out for them. Even when the shit hits the fan — when everything looks about to fall apart […]