Taking The First Step

Not this kind of push-up ^ . . . . . . . . . . this kind ^    You’ve made the decision to improve your fitness and own your body. Now where to start? Let me offer this suggestion:   Get on the ground, hands shoulder width apart and legs straight. Now do a push-up. […]

A Call To Action

  Why “A Call To Action”? Because that’s exactly what this is.   If you’ve found yourself here then it’s likely you’re dissatisfied with something in your life. That something may be poor health, obesity, skinny genes, diabetes, or whatever. The point is you are looking for a way out . . . a way […]

Second Post

    Alright, this is the last post that I number . . . I promise. Now, to continue with our discussion; the intent of this blog is to whittle away all the complicated overly thought out exercise and nutrition crapola floating around on the interwebz and in exercise/diet books and mags. Even many of […]

First Post . . . Let’s Get Started

    I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog and give a brief overview of what this blog is all about.   Every one of us would like to become more fit. Some of us would like to lose weight, others would like to build muscle, and even more would like to do both. […]