Harnessing Pavlov’s Theory to go from Worrywart to a Fucking Superhero

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to show you a way to unleash a superpower. No need for gamma rays. No high-tech suit of armor required. This power is already in you, even if you don’t have mutant DNA. But first, we need to define what this superpower actually is. Or maybe we should […]

How to Avoid the “What If” Train Wreck

Ever had that moment when you really wanted to say something — maybe crack a joke or make a point that no one else had seen yet – but instead found yourself wondering what the consequences for speaking up would be?   “What if I say something stupid?” “What if nobody agrees with me?” “What […]

The Egg Diet vs. Steak and Eggs: Which Works Best for Quick Fat Loss?

I’ve been known as the steak and eggs guy for a while now. It’s always my “go to” diet for quick weight loss. Because it works.  Plain and simple. At first, just my friends and family were aware of my wicked dieting ways. But when I published the diet here on my blog not so […]

How Do You Get Smarter? Here’s One Surprising Trick That’ll Work Wonders . . .

Everyone wants to be smarter. It doesn’t matter if they’re already a star member of MENSA or a total dipshit . . . they want to be smarter. And my guess is that you’d like to be smarter too. Well I’ve got good news for you. You CAN get smarter. And it’s not as difficult […]

4 Self-Help Myths Shattered, Crushed, and Stomped into the Ground

(This post is part of the Friday Night Kick in the Ass series. Check out the even more shocking follow up that utterly destroys 4 more self-help myths.)  There’s a notion out there . . .  a misconception really; regarding personal development and what this self-help thing is all about. The idea goes like this: we’re suffering […]

The Dirty on Personal Development

(Comic by Nijaz Sedic. Check out this post to learn more.)   I’m keeping this one short and to the point today. People have a tendency to over complicate things. The more difficult the problem we face, the more complicated the solution we come up with.   Because if the solution was simple, we’d have the problem […]

Not Another “How to Wake Up Early and Takeover the World” Post

  OK, so maybe you don’t want to take over the world. But how about taking over your life? That sounds pretty good, right?   But there’s one problem: you just don’t have enough time.   You wake up, take care of bathroom business, eat some breakfast, get showered and dressed, and head to work. […]

Before and After Photos: the Steak and Eggs Diet Wrap Up

  (See my intro post to find out why I started this diet in the first place.)   Finally! It’s all over. Eight weeks on the steak and eggs diet and I can’t take any more. I’m sick of it. Sick. Of. It.   So how’d it go?   Well, you can be the judge, […]