The Egg Diet vs. Steak and Eggs: Which Works Best for Quick Fat Loss?


I’ve been known as the steak and eggs guy for a while now. It’s always my “go to” diet for quick weight loss. Because it works.  Plain and simple.

At first, just my friends and family were aware of my wicked dieting ways. But when I published the diet here on my blog not so long ago, I quickly became known for it in the online world as well.

Not because I wrote just a single post on the subject, but because I actually wrote an entire series that chronicled my last two-month stint on the diet. Complete with overly revealing progress pictures. I still cringe when I see them.

For a brief rundown, here are the 3 posts that sum up my version of the diet best:


  • The Steak and Eggs Diet Introduction – The most visited post on my site to date. This article explains why I needed to go on the diet. It included beginning pics, as well as some pictures from the previous time I was using the diet, just as a reference. It’s also been updated with links to all the weekly posts in the series. Consider it a warning for what’s to come.


  • The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet – Here’s where I explain exactly how I use the diet for maximum effect. In a nutshell, it’s extreme and just plain fucking hard. But more effective than anything else out there.


  • The Before and After Post – The final post in the series, this one includes the before pics, and a collection of after pictures. I was pleased with the results, even though I’d often strayed quite far from the diet protocol. Naturally, I’d had better results with past use of this diet when I followed the protocol strictly.

So What Is This Egg Diet?

It turns out that a good chunk of my traffic comes from folks searching for information about the steak and eggs diet. Apparently, I’ve become seen as a bit of an authority on the subject. I don’t know about the “authority” bit, but I am pretty damn experienced when it comes to using that diet.

And then I started seeing that a good portion of my visitors had actually found me using the search term “Egg Diet.”

What the hell is that?

I didn’t know. I’d never heard of it.

So I started digging. Turns out, the egg diet is one of the newer fad diets gaining fame at the moment. Supposedly, it’s become increasingly popular with celebrities looking to shed some pounds. And allegedly, Adrian Brody used it to drop 30 pounds for his role in The Pianist. That’s the rumor anyway.

But what exactly is it? From what I’ve seen, there are 3 main variations on the idea.


  1. The Standard Egg Diet – This is pretty basic. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetables and some fruit are allowed, but overall this is a fairly normal low carb diet, with the main source of protein and fat coming from eggs. I like it.


  1. The Egg and Grapefruit Diet – Again, you get 3 meals of eggs a day, but you are required to eat half a grapefruit with each meal. Aside from the annoyance of having half a grapefruit left over at the end of each day, citrus and eggs have just never settled that well for me. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I guess the idea is to pair the egg diet with the supposed fat burning ability of grapefruits. Personally, I don’t buy into that shit, so this variation doesn’t appeal to me.


  1. The Extreme Egg Diet – Nothing but eggs at every meal. Often suggested to be eaten as hard boiled. I have no doubt this is effective as fuck . . . if you could stick with it. But it would become disgusting and tiresome in short order. It’s hard enough to stick to my own version of the steak and eggs diet. This just sounds god-awful. I won’t be using it anytime soon.


How I Would Approach the Egg Diet

As mentioned above, I like the first version of the egg diet. As far as fad diets go, this one is pretty spot on. I’m a huge believer in low carb – from my years of experience I can say that it is just about the most effective solution to weight loss out there. Especially if you go paleo style, like with the Kill It or Grow It Diet.

I’m also a big believer in intermittent fasting. When I’m trying to lose weight, I usually add in some form of intermittent fasting on top of the diet. So I would approach this method as a two-meal per day diet. Breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast is easy. Eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage, eggs and liver (yeah yeah, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it). You can cook your eggs however you want. I like ‘em scrambled with peppers and onions (and potatoes when I’m not dieting); and I like ‘em fried and runny with sausage, bacon and liver. Often times, I’ll even just mix some raw egg yolks in with some raw milk and chug it down for a quick and easy breakfast on the go. It’s delicious and healthy to boot.

Dinner can be a bit more challenging, but there are an endless variety of quiches you can make. If you’re serious about losing weight then ditch the crust. Add whatever non-carby veggies you like. And load it with meat and cheese. Omelet’s also make great dinners. And there’s always the good ‘ol steak and eggs standby. Green vegetables sautéed in butter or bacon grease make a great side.

If you absolutely cannot live without lunch, then I’d stick with steak or chicken salad with a couple hard boiled eggs crumbled on top. Or even just a solid helping of egg salad might suffice.

Finally, Which is Better For Quick Weight Loss?

The steak and eggs diet? Or the egg diet?


The steak and eggs diet. Because it combines a one-meal per day intermittent fasting method with an extremely low carb ketogenic diet. It’s not a fun diet by any means, but it is obscenely effective.

However . . .

It is meant strictly for short term quick weight loss. Nothing more.

The egg diet is more of a traditional low carb diet. It can be sustained for a much longer term, is a bit more balanced, and can still provide excellent fat loss results. In fact, for most people I would recommend the egg diet over the steak and eggs diet. The latter is just too extreme.

So, as usual, it comes down to what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking for a crash diet that’ll quickly melt the pounds, then steak and eggs is the way to go. And since we all know that crash diets are not healthy in the long run, I’ll just leave the warnings at that.

However, if you’re looking for a gentler and longer term solution – something that’ll still help you lose weight fairly quickly – then I’d suggest giving the egg diet a try. It’s not really as limited as its name implies. It’s simply a more focused approach to low carb fat loss.

And low carb works.


(Photo by kristja at stock.xchng.)

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  1. My mom and stepdad did an all black beans diet about a year ago. Nothing but black beans for several weeks. I like black beans, but… One thing to note: losing weight too fast has potential side effects such as gallstones. We shouldn’t lose any more than a pound or two per week. I’m due for some kind of short diet/fast.

    • I love black beans too Dan, but damn, that sounds rough. I’ve never heard of gallstones being triggered by fast weight loss before. It wouldn’t surprise me though. One thing I do know is that if you’re severely overweight and you lose a lot of weight very quickly you can end up with lose hanging skin. That’s why in my original steak and eggs diet protocol post I suggested a more gradual weight loss plan for those with a lot of weight to lose.

      Crash diets are better suited to those who just need a quick tune-up before beach season.

      If you decide to fast Dan, let me know. As you know, I’m all about the fasting.


  2. Oh boy, Trevor. I have an egg every morning for breakfast, but I just don’t know about this. If I am ever asked to model for something (Over 40 and Sort of Doing Perhaps Something Right Magazine), I will try your S&E diet. Until then, I will keep my bread to the weekends and keep wondering why I can’t get a six-pack. 😉

    • Ha! Sounds like my kind of mag!

      As I recall you eat 40 loaves a week. Are you telling me that you eat that all on the weekends? Damn girl, that’s some serious willpower you got.


  3. Although, I don’t want to be on one of these diets, I am so glad you made this post because it demonstrates how freakin’ hard it is to achieve something great. If you want your six-pack, really low body fat, etc, then some major sacrifices and lots of discipline is in order. My guitar students don’t want to know what they’d have to do each day if they want to play the tunes I do. They’s cry and cry. Love the message of this post!

    • Appreciate it CJ! I used to play guitar . . . there’s a reason I never got any good. That shit requires some real dedication. I never got past the “advanced beginner” stage. I’ll pick it up again when the time is right though. I miss it.

      But you’re right — to achieve anything of worth takes sacrifice, persistence, and burning desire. It’s that last that allows the former.


  4. Hmmm, I’m not sure.

    I think steak and eggs would be far more healthy long term. What I get annoyed at is people talking about ‘low carb’ diets like they’re this magic formula for losing weight – they’re not. Really.

    Eggs are great, don’t get me wrong. I have 4 for breakfast each morning – but you need other nutrients, especially carbs. So I have nothing against these diets, but I do believe there’s a better way to go about losing weight, and it’s not cutting out a load of carbs!

    Thanks for the post Trevor!

    • Low carb isn’t for everyone. But I’d say it’s effective for most. We certainly don’t need carbs in our diet — there is no such thing as an “essential carb.” They are an optional nutrient as far as I’m concerned. They have their uses and drawbacks. Like most things in life.

      And they’re sure damn tasty.

      I’d guesstimate that 90% of the obesity seen in society today is due to the combo of high carb and low quality food. I emphasize the word “guesstimate.”

      Personally speaking, low carb has always provided me with fantastic results. And the one time I went practically zero carb (read: carnivore) is the healthiest I ever felt in my entire life. I always trust personal experience over any other form of “evidence.”

      Thanks for speaking your mind buddy!


  5. Trevor, I am sure you agree that balance is everything when it comes to fat loss. Eggs are healthy, and can be served in many ways including cracking one in your shake before hitting the blend button. Steak…not so much, avoid the blender and throw that baby on the grill instead.

    • I’ve actually seen some bodybuilders blending up steak. Freakin’ disgusting. I have an iron gut, but even that thought makes me sick.

      I’m not entirely sold on the idea of “balance” though. What is a balanced diet? A paleo nut will tell you something completely different from a low fat zealot.

      I don’t believe in balance for balance’s sake. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what truly balanced even is. I don’t think anyone can. So instead, I go by what works. When I want to lose fat, low carb works. When I want to gain muscle, high carb works. When I want to feel like shit, then the Standard American Diet works.

      But now I’m losing my train of thought. You got me hot and bothered over the thought of some grilled steaks. The season’s coming slowly here in Vermont, but it’s finally coming!

      Thanks for stopping by Diane!


  6. Jesse Birkett says:

    I just have this to quote about grapefruit’s fat burning properties “naringenin and naringin (which partially metabolizes to naringenin after we consume it) are flavonoids present in grapefruit that up-regulate PPAR-alpha, the very same peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor that turns on in the fasted state. Upregulation of PPAR-alpha is required for the generation of ketone bodies, and its agonists (activators) lead to the fat loss and improvement in metabolic parameters associated with fasting”

    • That’s sure a lot of heavy duty sciency talk Jesse. I don’t know what the hell it means. But I’d ask in what dose do we need these flavonoids to observe any measurable effect? Can that dose be obtained through eating a grapefruit or two a day? How about twenty?

      I can’t speak to what the science says, but I can speak to my experience. I’ve tried the grapefruit thing more times than I care to admit. It never worked. At least not in any noticeable way. However, cut the carbs (including grapefruit) and the fat just melts right off. That tells me all I need to know.

      I believe fully that self-experimentation is the best teacher. Because what actually works is the only thing that matters. If grapefruit works for you then keep at it. I have no doubt that it’s highly effective for some people. But my guess is, for most, its effects are over-hyped and negligible.

      Thanks for stopping by dude. I’m still thinking about that oatmeal stout you shared. Could sure go for some more of that. Carbs be damned.


      • Jesse Birkett says:

        Apperently you needed the equivilant of 1 grapefruit a day everyday for six weeks straight to mimic the effects of fasting/ketogenic diet. But then, I don’t know if that makes a difference if you are still cramming carbs into face. As to the previous post about balance you commented on, I heard a great quote on ESPN radio “The desire for balance is just an excuse for mediocrity.”

        • Ha! I love that quote! Do you know who said it?

          As for the grapefruit thing . . . I confess, I never ate one a day for six weeks straight. But I’ve come pretty close. And all the times I was doing it I was trying to eat healthier overall. Of course, back then I thought that meant low fat and high carb. Perhaps if I gave grapefruit a shot on a strictly low carb diet it might have more of an effect. But then, low carb puts me right into ketosis as it is. And if that isn’t enough of a fasting effect, then I just fast. Both work to produce ketosis quick . . . as evidenced by the keto strips I use to use.


          • Jesse Birkett says:

            That was Colin Cowherd on his radio show The Herd. He was talking about how the top 1 percent in achievement are unbalanced. You don’t get to the top of what you are doing by having a good social life, free time vacations and so forth. You get to the top by a dedication bordering on obsession. I think that is factor in so many people failing their goals, is that they don’t want to get obsessed. But I think you have too to become a master. You want to go ketogenic, except on the weekends, won’t work. You want to get big and strong but still run marathongs, won’t work. You want to start a Fortune 500 company and not work 80+ hours a week and actually know your kids names, won’t work. Pick a path and master it.

          • Well said dude. And it’s a point that’s often conveniently overlooked. We all have the same number of hours in a day. The more time you spend in one area the less you have to spend in another.

            In other words, the more you dedicate yourself to a goal, the more you must neglect something else in turn. That’s just how it goes.

            I agree with this idea 100%, and I’ve often been guilty of neglecting one area of my life while pursuing another. We all do so to an extent.

            “Pick your path and master it.” That says it all.


  7. I tried the steak and eggs diet – long time ago – and you’re right, it does work, though I found after a day or so I became pretty testy. Eggs are another subject, I love eggs and veggies so I could handle that – sans the fruit. Probably should have read this after eating because it’s been a long day and the last I ate was … hum, oh eggs for breakfast! Thanks for the inspiration Trevor!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not so fond of eggs and fruit. I can definitely see some folks getting “testy” when attempting the steak and eggs diet. It can get old fast. But effective is not always fun.

      Thanks for the comment Marquita!


  8. You’re inspiring me. I mean that your egg and bacon diet sounds incredibly attracting to me. I hesitate whether sticking to an egg diet is even possible.

    • It’s difficult Diane, no doubt about it. At least if you’re just trying to stick to eggs by themselves. But diets are just that . . . diets. They should only ever be used for the short term. Eventually, it’s important to move back onto a regular eating plan. A healthy eating plan. Most diets are just too restrictive to maintain long term.


  9. I think it would be too hard for me to only eat eggs for a long period of time but could mange with an steak and egg diet. I love steak! Great post and ideas!

    This topic would be a great eBook! Just saying:)

    • I’m with you Dan, just an egg diet would be tough, steak and eggs is a bit easier (and more nutritionally sound). But a more varied egg diet with lots of veggies and some fruit would be easier to manage.

      An eBook would be the way to go since so much of my traffic is targeted towards this topic. I’ve thought about it, but I’m no doctor, scientist, or nutritionist. I don’t have the authority to write a diet book. Besides, I’ve already put everything out there for free. I could, however, possibly clean up and organize the info and package it into an epamphlet or something. Who knows?


  10. Patsy Pulpito says:

    Hi I was looking up egg diet and came across your blog. I weight about 110kg and have 46% body fat most of which is on my belly. Have diabetes type 2 and do not take meds for it hoping to lose it all naturally… would your steak and egg work for me? im in my fourties. although not a meat fan i would still go ahead with that…thanku

    • Hi Patsy, I’m glad you asked instead of just diving right in. As I explicitly said in the article describing my protocol, that diet is NOT meant for anyone with medical conditions of any sort. And while low carb is usually beneficial for type 2 diabetics, this diet is too extreme for you. And if you’re not a meat fan you would get sick of this diet after just a few days anyway . . . trust me on that.

      Don’t attempt this diet.

      I suggest you find a qualified nutritionist or doctor who’s low carb friendly and ask them to prescribe an appropriate diet for you. Unsupervised diet experimentation is just a bad idea when you have an untreated condition as dangerous and life threatening as type 2 diabetes.

      Good luck Patsy!


  11. Nick Cardoza says:


    First off, I love the blog, and you crack me up – you’ve inspired me and my girl to stop scouring the internet for some stupid “get healthy” weight loss diet, and am excited to be starting [steak and eggs] this week (with my girlfriend) – THANKS!

    So I am preparing to start the steak and eggs diet this week and follow your protocol tightly. However, while doing some research I realized that the way this diet works is by putting your body into a ketotic state. And our bodies go into a ketotic state by eliminating ALL carbs from the diet. right?

    WELL… Unless there is something magical about steak then, in theory *ANY* ZERO CARB food should do the trick, correct? So I pulled up a page that lists all foods with ZERO carbs ( and wondered, can I eat any of them just as effectively throughout the week so long as I strictly follow the protocol of not eating any carbs whatsoever?? For example: If I ate steak and eggs during week 1, then for week 2 ate only roasted lamb and eggs, OR each day ate a different ZERO CARB protein with eggs, wouldn’t it be just as effective so long as there were ZERO carbs??? couldn’t this diet be as effective if it were the “[insert high-fat/protein/0-carb here] and Egg Diet”?

    The reason I ask is not to try to troll or prove the diet wrong but I would just like to be able to eat different things and don’t see why the food has to be the same if the principal is to eliminate all traces of carbohydrates.

    Thanks and I look forward to your reply.


    • Hey Nick, thanks for the kind words man! I think you and your girl are going to be quite happy with the results of the diet. But to your point, you are absolutely right. Any sort of meat protein will work in place of steak . . .

      So long as it’s fatty.

      Lean chicken breast ain’t gonna cut it.

      So roast lamb would be awesome. Chicken thighs with bone in and skin on work. Pork ribs, gound beef (not lean), liver . . . it’s all good. But in the name of simplicity, steak will most likely be your staple. And besides, no one’s ever gonna search for the roast lamb and eggs diet. It just ain’t gonna happen.

      Good luck with the diet — and keep me posted. I love hearing other peoples experiences on this diet. Good or bad. It’s tough to stick to, but so damn effective.


      • Nick Cardoza says:

        Hey Trevor,

        I just finished purging my fridge of anything carbohydrate to prep for the next three weeks of “The Protocol” and while buying a huge slab of bacon and a whole side of beef from my local butcher the thought crossed my mind to ask you what your thoughts were on buying a fiber supplement to combate the constipation that I expect in coming days. My girl also asked me if it was cool for her to take her Love Lean and Fit supplement pack from GNC.

        Thanks in advance.

        Cheers mate!

        • Nick Cardoza says:
        • I’m not a fan of fiber supplements. For one, I tend to question their healthiness in the first place. I’m just not sold on the idea of concentrated fiber taken in high doses. And if that fiber is bran based then I’m even more skeptical. Besides, your body does eventually adapt to the diet. And don’t forget, constipation is just one end of the spectrum . . . you might end up at the other.

          The shits.

          It can happen with a sudden switch to a high fat diet. Not necessarily something you’d want to take fiber supplements for.

          That said, I’m more interested in what actually works. So if fiber supplements keep you regular and happy then I say go for it. It shouldn’t have much effect on the weight loss aspects of your diet (unless they cause you to retain water). But they might not be necessary at all. Maybe it’d just be best to wait a couple days after starting the diet to see how your bodies react and proceed from there.

          Good luck!

          • Nick Cardoza says:

            I like and respect your reasoning.

            Just got home from the grocery with 3 packs of bacon, 3 trays of eggs, 3 trays of rib eye, and a pork shoulder for roasting next week.

            I will update with results.

            Thanks again!

          • That pork shoulder sounds awesome! I should roast some of that myself.

            I’m lookin’ forward to your update Nick.


  12. Iv always found this one a good one its the 1week egg diet but does contain allot of meat and only 3 pieces of toast a week. it claims you can loose 14lbs a week although I usually loose around 11lbs when I do it, though I do cheat a bit by using salt .
    Im yet to try the steak and eggs but it look much tastier 😛

    • 14 pounds in a week is fucking scary Lisa. Certainly nothing I’d ever recommend. Just like on the steak and egg diet, you’re gonna be losing a ton of water in the first week, but 14 pounds of mostly water weight is going to leave you pretty damn dehydrated. Not a good idea. Ever. Even 10 pounds is really pushing it.

      I hope you give the steak and eggs a try next time you’re dieting. You may not lose 14 pounds a week, but I think the weight loss you do see will be more sustainable and healthier . . . though even that diet can be a bit too much for some. And steak and eggs is pretty damn tasty, but after your second week of it you will be straight up sick of it. That’s why so few can ever stick with it more than a few weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa.


  13. G,day Trevor I was searching diets and came across here and am in my 3 rd day of steak n eggs and Im very surprised that Im not hungry during the day!
    All good but I wanted to ask you does it really matter what meat? Im thinking minced beef patties or pork chop

    • G’day Zoran! Glad to hear it’s going well so far. The answer to your question is yes and no.

      Don’t you hate those kind of answers?

      The key to making this diet work is to eat fatty unprocessed cuts of meat. So lamb and fatty pork work well, lean ground beef not so much. You can certainly switch up the meat every now and then, but try to stick with fatty and unprocessed as much as possible.

      That said, if you’re dying for a couple brats one evening then just go for it. Better to make a slight deviation from the protocol then jump right back in than to stray from the path entirely and get lost.


  14. I get it now. I enjoyed reading your Blog, your a funny witty guy, keep up the good work!

  15. I am doing a 21 day all egg diet experiment… follow my progress here. 🙂 Thanks for the info~

  16. Atkins Girl says:

    I have been doing the atkins diet for 2 years now. I went from a size
    12 to a size 0 in 4 months. After this time i hit a long stall of about a year and notice weight gain around my belly waist hips thighs and buttocks. I am now a size 4 and creeping up. I knew i had to do something fast to get me back into k
    ketosis and jump start weight loss again. I came across the steak and egg diet, and i yel
    and i tell you it works! This is day 3 for me and i have lost 7 pounds so far. I urinate a lot and i drink plenty of wayer too. Im never hungry i only eat brralgasy
    I only eat breakfast and dinner.only eggs and real steak.I will stick with this until i get back to my size 0 and my flat belly. Then i will add green veggies. YAHOO i broke a long stall!!!!

  17. Around how many calories were u eating a day on this diet?. I have been following the egg/steak diet for 4 days. I was at 244 on fri/sat and 238 tues. I am not sure if it is water or fat =/. I am using butter to fry the eggs and flank.

    • Hey Biga, I never count calories — they’re a non-issue so long as you’re getting the proper nutrients. As for your weight loss, the majority of that is water loss. It’s a potent effect of a ketogenic diet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good weight lost. Carrying around 5+ pounds of water retention is not a healthy thing. Just be sure you’re drinking plenty of water and getting enough salt in your diet to avoid dehydration. Once the water weight is gone, the rest of the weight loss will be primarily fat . . . up to two pounds a week potentially.

      Good Luck!

  18. Thanks Trevor. I that is good. I am pretty much sticking to your version of the diet as you did it. One issue, I feel that I am constipated. Drink more water?

    • More water might help. But constipation is a pretty normal effect when first going on this diet. I get it myself. It usually lasts a couple weeks. Then your body will adapt. If you’re still having problems after three weeks then you might want to consider adding a big fibrous salad to your meal (or eat it as a separate meal entirely). It’s a departure from the protocol, but honestly, it won’t hurt much (so long as you don’t use lots of processed dressing — stick with oil and vinegar).

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  19. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have bookmarked it for later!

  20. Just about at 231 now. I mustve broke it a dozen times though. So just about 14/15 pounds without feeling hungry in a month. Real cool diet trevor.

    • Ha Ha! I can totally sympathize with breaking the diet. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you . . . I was gone for awhile. But I’m back now, and curious to find out how long you followed the diet and what your final results were. I’d love it if you fill me in . . .


  21. Hi Trevor; Thank you for your website. And for sharing your knowledge and success. Love Love Love your comments…. I have been on Atkins for 3 months and lost 30 pounds. Hit a stall…Came across your blog on Steak/Egg diet. On it for a week and lost 5 pounds. Is this just water weight? I would have thought being on Atkins and in ketosis the entire time burning fat, I would have shed all the water that I needed to in the first 2 weeks. Also, how intense of an exercise program should you being doing with the Steak and Egg diet?

    • Hey Betty, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I was absent for a while. But now that I’m back let me answer your questions. If you had been on Atkins for 3 months and were still in ketosis the whole time, then it seems unlikely that those 5 pounds were water weight (though if your sodium intake dropped significantly with the change in diet then you may very well have lost more water). However, 5 pounds is a HUGE amount to lose in one week after previously losing 30 pounds. I don’t have a good answer here, but sometimes simply shaking things up is enough to kick start a new round of weight loss. It’s happened to me on many occasions.

      As for training intensity, the only rule is to go as intense as you’re comfortable going. Once you’re fat adapted, you can exercise with full intensity just as you can on any other diet. You gotta go by feel here.


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  25. Uncertain says:

    Hi Trevor, I’ve followed the steak and egg diet to the T.
    More than a gallon of water a day.
    Excersize and weight lifting 5 days a week.
    I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks with a cheat day on the 7th day.
    My will power is high and I’m proud of myself but I’ve actually gained 5lbs. and I look, feel and measure the same.
    I’m still 20lbs overweight and I’m tired of this plateau.
    What could I’ve doing wrong?
    Please help.

    • Hey there, I actually don’t maintain this site anymore, but by some fluke I got a notification of your comment in my inbox so I figured I’d try and help. Here goes . . .

      First off, it actually IS possible to gain weight on steak and eggs. It’s just really damn hard to. It takes a lot of steak and eggs to produce a serious calorie surplus and most would have to fight themselves to eat that much. You may be an exception here, but I’d have to know more about your body size, activity level, portion size, etc. It’s the rare individual who can eat that much steak and eggs, but they’re out there.

      Second, your cheat day could be the problem here. How bad is your binge? Usually, one day of binge eating isn’t enough to make any sort of long term weight gain. But again, it depends on the individual. If you down an entire pint of ice cream as just an appetizer then it’s certainly possible to overdo it and gain some weight. Still, it’s difficult.

      Third, are you weighing yourself on or right after your cheat day? If so, you’re probably holding water weight. A person can easily gain 5 pounds of water weight after a day of carbing up. Best to weigh yourself on the morning of your cheat day before you eat anything.

      Other considerations: always be wary of weight measurements. They can be extraordinarily misleading. I rarely measure my weight, I judge progress by the mirror and tape measure. So it’s possible that you may have gained muscle. You say your measurements are the same, but what measurements are you taking exactly? Are you measuring your muscle size? Or just your waist? Your waist may have stayed the same (which only means that you haven’t lost belly fat). It says nothing about whether you’ve gained muscle size in your arms or legs or chest or back. It says nothing about whether you’ve lost fat in other regions, like your chest, upper back, arms or legs.

      You see what I’m getting at?

      The absolute best way to measure progress is by taking a picture of yourself from all sides each week. Take it in exactly the same place at the same time of day, with the camera from the same distance. This’ll give you a much better idea how you look than measuring by weight.

      Lastly, steak and eggs simply won’t work for everyone. No diet will. While very effective for most, you may be the exception. I can’t say. If you’ve been measuring your progress intelligently and accurately, and it seems that the diet isn’t helping . . . then it probably isn’t. Time to try something else.

      Also keep in mind, steak and eggs is meant as a crash diet. You only have 20 pounds to lose . . .

      That can easily be done with a more sane and sustainable diet. Simply following a controlled carb, real foods diet can get you there in 10 – 20 weeks. And the fat that comes off slowly over time is more likely to stay off for good. Your body reflects how you live, but there’s always a lag before it catches up to your lifestyle. Eat smart, train hard, and your body will ultimately have no choice but to adapt. Good luck.


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