The Short No B.S. Guide to Changing Your Life Forever


Excuses kill . . . kitties


(This post is part of the Friday Night Kick in the Ass series.)


I’m going to tell it to you straight – changing your life is hard work. But the method is surprisingly simple. Just follow these 10 steps and you can’t fail.




— Ignoring Your Demons: We all have them. Accept that you need to deal with them. Recognize them. Face up to them. Then fucking smash them into oblivion.


— Running From Fear: It’s taking you straight to Nowheresville. Fear is actually your best friend. It’s showing you exactly where you need to go. Running away will only get you lost. Chase your fears instead, and you’ll master life.


— Turning Your Back to Opportunity: There’s plenty of her to go around. Just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean she’s not there for you. Turn around. Look at her. She wants your embrace. Why not give it to her?


— Making Excuses: They’re bullshit and you know it. They’re simply another way that you hold yourself back. Every excuse you make kills a baby kitten somewhere in this world. Stop killing kittens.


— Fucking Around: Is it getting you any closer to your goals? If you want to achieve anything meaningful in your life, you’d better learn to focus on what matters. Fuckarounditis is a plague overtaking the world. And the cure is self-discipline. But it’s in short supply these days. Get it while it lasts.




— Connecting With Those You Admire: It’s a simple fact, we emulate those we hang around with. So why not emulate those who possess traits we admire? Find and befriend people you want to be like. Let their qualities rub off on you.


— Sharing Your Gifts: You have talents that can bring a little light into people’s lives. Are you hiding them out of fear? Then see the second step above. If it’s not fear, then quit being so greedy and spread the joy already.


— Creating Value: It goes hand in hand with sharing your gifts. The greatest value you can provide will come from what’s best about you. Use it. By providing value you lay the path for receiving value in kind. Sow, then reap.


— Discovering Your Purpose: Just what are you doing with your time anyway? Another slave to the grind? Another cog in the machine? Or are you making a difference? If you have the guts to follow your passion – and learn to provide value, as well — you will have discovered just what the hell you were meant to be doing. That’s your purpose, my friend.


— Walking Your Own Path: Every minute you live in a manner that doesn’t resonate is a minute of your life flushed down the drain. Gone forever. Well I say fuck that. Live your life. Your way. No one else can do it for you. Take charge of your life and make it memorable. Make it remarkable.


Own it.


So what are your thoughts? Did I leave anything out? Are there better ways we can change our lives? Share your insights and let’s see what we can come up with.



(Photo of sad kitty by crsan at flickr.)

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  1. One thing I would add that I’ve been discovering lately is to start small, because then you’ll start. To that I would add to work on mastering one thing at a time.

    What I’ve seen in my life and others’ is the cycle of

    overexertion of willpower

    So my new philosophy is repetition of one desired habit at a time. Right now it’s getting up early, as I believe that is the foundation for an awesome life.

    • So true. All of it . . . from starting small to waking up early. I’ve been through that very cycle myself more times than I can count. It’s such a common pitfall. Focusing your efforts on one thing at a time is the better way of making change. Change that sticks, anyways.

      Good luck with the early morning thing. It definitely frees up a ton of time. The trick is using that time wisely. I’m up 5 hours before I have to be to work. When I’m feeling it I can get a ton accomplished, but when I’m not I wonder where the hell those hours went . . . and what do I have to show for them.

      Half a pot of coffee usually keeps me on track.


  2. I would add: Stop doing what’s safe. I tend to get comfortable and do the same thing and then get stuck in a rut!

    • Damn. That’s a good one. I should have included it.

      It’s a simple truth — when we are comfortable we don’t push ourselves. Just the opposite . . . we settle. Settling sounds nice and all, but really it just means giving up on our dreams and becoming stagnant. It means an end to growth.

      Comfort kills.

      The best way out of that rut is to find what scares you and go after it. Nothing like a little fear to bring you back to the present.


  3. Yes, excuses always kill the best initiatives and beginnings. We should face our fears and treat them as challenges, not hurdles on our way. We should take the responsibility for the events in our lives and avoid the position of a victim.

    • You’re absolutely right Jack. Excuses kill all the possibilities in life. It’s a shame because we’re so full of them. So much potential has been wasted in life due to the habit of making excuses. They really are a curse. One we bring on ourselves.

      If we ever want to achieve anything we need to cut the excuses and cut the crap. We need to hustle.



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