The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet for Rapid Fat Loss

Week 8 Side 2

(Note: See my previous article for the introduction to this weight loss series.)

This is the simplest most effective diet you will find anywhere. Ever. It’s not fun or trendy, but it works like no other. So read the disclaimer below and then decide if it’s worth a try.


Disclaimer: What follows is extreme. Not “Oh cool, I like extreme” extreme, but “Shit oh shit! How do I get myself out of this?!” extreme. This is not a “balanced” diet. It is not a “healthy lifestyle” choice. It is not for wimps, sissies, or girly men. It is not for folks with medical or psychological conditions. In fact, it is not for any normal, sane, health-minded individual.


So who is this for?

It is for those who wish to lose extreme weight, extremely fast, and are willing to go to extreme lengths to do so. So before you attempt the protocol, be sure to ask your doctor one very simple question: Will this kill me, doc?

I already know his answer.

So only if you’ve decided to ignore your doctor’s advice and are willing to take absolute full responsibility for what you put into your mouth should you proceed to read the rest of this article.

Now that you know what you are getting into, let’s get down to the real meat and potatoes (or eggs, as it is).

The steak and eggs diet is nothing new. It’s been practiced since at least the golden era of bodybuilding, and likely long before that – as evidenced by these two fellows. It was popularized by that famous guru of physical culture, Vince Gironda.

Gironda used the diet to attain a level of leanness never before seen back in his day. His method was simple: two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, consisting solely of steak and eggs cooked in butter. Every 4 days he would carb up to replenish his glycogen stores. That’s it.

He passed his method on to the great bodybuilders of the 60’s and 70’s which (with the help of some new and improved pharmaceuticals) resulted in some of the finest physiques to ever grace humanity.

The steak and eggs diet, Gironda style, is highly effective, no doubt about it. But we’re going to take it a step further. How do you take a near perfect weight loss diet and make it even more effective?

Intermittent fasting.

That’s right. We’re going to take the greatest fat loss diet of all time and combine it with the greatest fat loss method of all time. Extreme? For sure. Necessary? Nope. Effective? Fuck yeah!

Here is the protocol. Do not stray from it. Seriously. I will hunt you down.

Monday thru Thursday

One meal per day consisting of 10-24oz. of fatty steak (ribeye, NY strip, etc.), 2-6 whole eggs and one glass of red wine allowed. (No beer for you!)


Same as above except you may have one additional glass of red wine and a handful of nuts, if so desired.


On Saturday or Sunday (your choice) you can eat as many meals of “real” food as you want provided that at least one of these meals consists of steak and/or eggs. Feel free to have up to 3 glasses of red wine as well. For the remaining weekend day, anything goes. Eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Now I’ll confess, I sometimes add a few slices of bacon to my steak and eggs. I figure it counts as steak so I don’t sweat it.

As for drinks, you are allowed the allotted wine but no juice or soda (diet or otherwise). You may also have a couple mugs (not thermoses) of coffee with heavy cream only. The rest of your fluids will come from water, and you had better drink plenty of it.

There is to be no counting of any kind while on this diet (unless you want to count the pounds you’ll be shedding). Forget about calories, protein, fat, etc. Just eat your damn steak and eggs.

How will you know if you’ve eaten enough? Simple, eat until you’re slightly disgusted and then eat a bit more. I usually struggle to get through the last third or so of my meal. You’re only eating one meal a day so man up and get the most out of it, even if you’d rather stick that fork in your eye.

As with any change in lifestyle, temporary or otherwise, there are certain consequences to be aware of, both positive and negative. We might as well start with the negative.

Above all you will become sick and disgusted of eating steak and eggs. Sick and fucking disgusted! Accept it now or don’t even attempt this diet. I told you this will not be fun.

You may become constipated in the first week or two if you’ve never strayed from your AHA approved high-fiber diet before. Conversely, you might instead get the runs if you’re new to such a high fat diet.

In the beginning you may have trouble adjusting to one meal a day. For someone used to eating 3 times a day (or 5-7 times as is often prescribed) the sudden switch to once per day eating can be quite the shock. You may get severe hunger pangs as your regular meal times near. This is temporary so just tough it out.

A more serious problem to be aware of is salt depletion. No other diet will have you shedding so much water, and with that water will go all your electrolytes. If you become faint when standing quickly, or start getting nighttime leg cramps, you are probably salt depleted.

To avoid this problem, salt the hell out of your food. I cannot emphasize this enough, but I’ll try.  For the love of God will you please just salt the shit out of your food, and then salt some more! If your food doesn’t taste like a salt lick then you haven’t added enough. If you absolutely cannot salt your food enough, then just mix some salt in a glass of water (it should taste just shy of sea water) and chug it down quickly. Don’t puke.

If you’ve made it this far then you’re quite the trooper so I’ll introduce you to some of the benefits you will reap.

First and foremost you will see massive fat loss in record time. Assuming you’re eating enough with each meal and engaging in some sort of physical training (running back and forth to the john to “shed some water” doesn’t count) then you will actually lose relatively little lean mass.

You will also see a huge water drop in the first couple weeks. This will quickly move the scale downwards and may reduce lower leg edema (if you’re edema prone). It may also result in a significant drop in blood pressure (even if you are salting the hell out of your food).

Once you get into the swing of things you will rarely suffer from hunger. There is nothing more satiating than a massive pile of fat and protein – eat a huge dinner of steak and eggs and you’ll hardly notice any hunger for the next 24 hours. Your body is burning so much fat (both from your meals and body fat stores) that hunger becomes a non-issue, even with just one meal a day.

After you have become fat-adapted you will find you are more focused and mentally alert. You will have energy to burn and your motivation levels will reflect that. So enjoy the extra productivity you have during the week – come the weekend, you will crash hard after your carb up (and you will carb up, trust me).

So what makes this diet so damn effective? Well, as stated earlier we are combining a classic ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. Ketogenic diets are super low carb, high fat diets that induce a state of ketosis which has you burning fat out the wazoo. Add intermittent fasting on top of that and you’ve created the perfect conditions for dropping fat fast.

And I do mean fast. You will see noticeable changes in just a couple weeks (likely even after the first week). So please be aware . . . if you are severely overweight approach this diet with caution. Rapid weight loss can result in loose hanging skin. It would be better for you to practice this diet in phases. Perhaps a few weeks of the steak and eggs diet separated by a few weeks of a more typical low to moderate carbohydrate diet. Patience will pay off in a tighter physique by the time you reach your weight loss goal.

However, if you are already leanish (2-4 pack with a bit of jiggly low back and belly fat) then just a few weeks on this diet will get you more than beach ready, and another few after that might just have you freakin’ shredded. And if you’re not so leanish, this diet can get you there quicker than any other.

So there you have it. The single most effective fat loss diet in existence (short of total starvation). But it takes balls.

Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Trevor I was researching the Steak and Egg diet on the web and came across your blog! After all the information I had read about the diet, your comments were the ones that made me decide to try it! Why because I like the way you write and you made me laugh. I have now been on the diet for 4 days AND lost 4 pounds!! Delighted and still loving my steak and eggs and since it is the weekend just cracked opened a bottle of red wine! Thank you and keep up the great blogs 🙂

    • Hi Maryanne, thank you for the kind words. That’s awesome to hear that you’re giving it a shot. The steak and eggs diet, at least the way I do it, is no small undertaking. It requires some serious willpower. I give props to anyone that actually tries it. I hope you stick with the protocol better than I have during my current dieting endeavor. I know I said don’t stray from the protocol or I would hunt you down — well, I’ve strayed pretty severely.

      And I know where I live.

      But congratulations! Losing 4 pounds in 4 days is no joke. That’s some seriously rapid transformation. I wish you good luck as the diet progresses. Please keep me informed of your progress. I’m keenly interested in other’s successes/failures/challenges on this difficult diet. I hope to hear from you.


  2. First off, informative stuff. I’m excited. 2 questions though: 1.) Do I have to do the 1 meal style of IF? Personally, I usually keep about an 18/6 hour fasting/feasting window. Is there more benefit to keeping it at 1 meal instead of 2? 2.) Is ground beef an acceptable substitution for steak? Its easier/cheaper for me to find grass-fed ground beef than steak in my area. Thanks!

    • Thanks Robert! 18/6 is perfectly fine. I do one meal a day because it works for my schedule, but nitpicking over what style of IF to use is majoring in the minors. And yes, ground beef is an acceptable alternative, though I would use the fattiest grind you can. Ketosis requires a high fat intake.

      Good luck with the diet. I hope you keep me posted on how it goes, either through comments or my contact form. I just finished this round of the diet and thank God it’s over. Keep at though and you’ll see some serious progress.


  3. This really works. I started one week ago at 224.4 pounds and I’m down to 217.5 (lost almost 7 pounds). I love steak. And, I love eggs. But, after one week I am sick of steak and eggs. It certainly takes some serious will power to power down a big steak and eggs at 7am every morning. And, I won’t get into how constipated I have been for the last 5 days. But, the results are there for sure. I think I’m going to mix in some roast beef and some ground beef for some meals just to give a little variety.

    • Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing. 7 pounds in a week is serious business. My guess is you’ll lose another couple pounds when that constipation finally clears!

      But you’re right, this diet is a real bitch to stick to. Better to modify it a little bit if that’s what needs to be done to make it more adhere-able . . . so long as it’s modified in the right ways, which it sounds like you’re planning.

      Good luck. I hope you see continuous good results for as long as you can tough it out.


  4. Hey bro! I’m currently on week 4 of this challenge and seem to be losing a quarter inch every week.
    The sugar and salt cravings I’ve been having are beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. So much that I drank salt water like you advised and ended up thinking it tasted amazing.
    To prevent cheating and somewhat ease my sweets cravings, I’ve been rubbing pure stevia leaf extract on the tip of my tongue. It has no sugar and just traces of carbohydrate, no calories, and is a natural sweetener used for thousands of years. I have however heard that the sweet taste can elevate insulin levels even if there isn’t any sugar being consumed.
    What’s your take on this? Do you think stevia violates the protocol?

    • I wouldn’t sweat it Don. If you’re losing a quarter inch a week then you’re doing just fine, trust me. And sticking with this thing for 4 weeks is one hell of an achievement. 4 weeks is where it really begins to feel like hell.

      I actually like your idea of using a bit of Stevia. If it keeps you from giving into your cravings then I say stick with it. A diet can only be effective if you’re able to maintain it for the right duration.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Don. I’m glad it’s working for you so far. Just be sure to salt your food enough — if salt water taste’s that good then you’re not adding enough salt to your food. And keep that water intake high.

      I hope you check in again as your diet progresses.


  5. I’m in. Thanks for bringing this back from the olden days

    I did something like this with awesome results, but it was a lot of time:
    5 eggs breakfast
    6 oz steak meal 2
    3 eggs meal 3
    4 oz steak meal 4
    2 eggs meal 5
    2 oz steak meal 6
    did this for 6 days
    day t had a cheat meal with 5 eggs and 5 oz beef spread between 2 meals.

    As you can see it was a lot of measuring and meal planning. I like the simplicity of this and how you make it work within your schedule. I’m going to do 2 meals – one after my workout (usually a little after noon) and the other for dinner. I’ll stick to a small window for eating also.


    • Since you’ve already done this type of diet then you know how effective it can be. And how difficult as well. Two meals a day will definitely be more manageable than 6 meals a day. And probably more effective as well. S

      teak and eggs is a great post-workout meal, but can be hard to stomach right after a tough session. I usually need at least a half-hour to recover and let my stomach settle a bit before I can eat such a high fat, high protein meal.

      I hope you keep us up to speed on your results.

      Good luck Ray!

  6. Good info… but when do u weight train on this program….u obviously need some workout to maintain some muscle mass..

    • Hi Syed,

      This is just a diet. You can exercise however you want whenever you want. I maintain a weight training routine while using this diet without any problems. I trained 5-6 times a week, in the mornings, last time I was on this diet.

      You’re right, you definitely need to get some sort of resistance training to maintain muscle if you’re going to be shedding a lot of fat. If you’re not dropping more than 20-30 pounds though, and especially if you’ve been eating a low protein diet in the past, the high fat and protein content of this diet will keep you from losing much lean mass at all.


    • I’d recommend Gironda’s definition routine specifically for his steak and eggs diet

  7. jonnieveal says:

    Fifth day and the weight is coming off,i had experience of IF before and it suits me,for the next eight weeks incorporating Insanity type workouts,then switch to Vince Gironda workouts.I only added zero carb soda…yuck…taste like piss and won’t bother…Just a bit confused on the normal eating day,should it be after two weeks to have some complex carbs or eat one pig type meal?…I am thinking of just staying on steak and eggs with no ordinary real food for the entire eight weeks…Yeah…i like the minor suffering but have to shift the bulk..Thanks for this info…All good…but not for everyone…

    • Personally, one meal isn’t enough to sate me.. In order to get it all out of my system I binge for the day until I can’t eat another bite.. Haha, but eating meat all week long makes me crave fruit, so I binge very cleanly.
      Also you want your carb up day to be every week, or you’ll notice that your strength will decrease and your fat loss will come to a halt. If you stay for even longer, your immune function will decrease. This is because a zero carb diet drains your liver and muscles of glycogen, and only carbohydrate can replenish it. Not sugar though, that’ll drain your glycogen stores even further.
      Stay away from diet soda. Your liver both detoxifies and burns fat, so you want to keep yourself as chemical free as possible so that it can focus on fat loss.

      • jonnieveal says:

        Cheers…Great info…

      • Oh man, I get those same fruit craving after weeks on this diet too. Then I usually “carb up” on Fig Newtons or some shit. Yeah, ’cause that’s fruit, right?

        Vince Gironda always advocated for a carb up every 5 days or so. But I’ve actually gone practically zero carb for 3 months straight without any problematic effects. In fact, I was doing some of my most intense interval training ever on zero carb. Yes, your muscle become a bit glycogen depleted and look “flat,” but your body actually does adapt to the low glycogen state. I never saw any performance hits whatsoever. And I felt great on zero carb.

        I believe diet needs to be tailored to the individual . . . by the individual. And that requires lots of experimentation. So for me, extremely low carb for long periods is great. I adapt quickly and fully. Most likely though, not everyone does.


    • If you can stick to this for 8 weeks straight without any cheat days then you are a better man than me. On your free day you can eat whatever crap you want, but it doesn’t actually have to be crap. It’s better if you just eat some good ‘ol wholesome fruits and veggies, throw in some ‘taters or rice if you like, maybe some sandwiches.

      Whatever you feel like.

      But if you want to blow your free day on pizza and ice cream, I won’t hold it against you. That’s usually what I end up doing. And last time I did the diet I just plain fell off the wagon over and over. Pretty sad.

      Good luck Jonnie. Sounds like you’re going all out with some hardcore dieting and some hardcore training. If you can stick to that routine for 8 weeks you’re gonna make one helluva dent in your physique goals.


  8. jonnieveal says:

    Hi guys…update after one week…The week end was odd,i can binge with the best and can actually shout at a microwave to hurry up….But Saturday i craved bacon in a bun…so i had it…the rest of the day was making up my sad mind what to eat…Did not crave sweet?..I had two small packets of crisps,,two slices pizza…plus some steak…I succumed to a diet type..once again felt sick..and drunk half…Sunday seems a million miles away..and it’s only Tuesday…yep..had barbecued ribs home…can’t remember…maybe a can of soda..i should drink red wine…Since Monday back on track..steak eggs..Still doing the INSANITY type workout..and determined to lean up…as for my sizes…i have 32 inch jeans with my name on em plus other clothes that need to be worn..i will weigh myself this Friday and should have lost another 4/5 starting weight was 215lbs and soft..lost six pounds last week…and intend to keep losing 4 lbs every week..and a s i said switch to Gironda Definition workout…Thanks for the help,old school is the best way,nothing fancy…Oh..just reminded my old self..had a protein drink Saturday….never again…went straight through me???…Once again…alll the best…

    • Bacon in a bun? Oh hell yeah!

      Don’t expect to lose 4 pounds a week continuously. That would be near impossible . . . and uhealthy. Much of your first week’s weight loss is water weight. Bloat, so to speak. It’s great to get it out of your system, and it provides tons of motivation, but once it’s gone it’s gone. Excepting you have yourself a nice weekend binge, that is. Then it might return, but it’ll quickly be shed as you return to steak and eggs.

      And as for the protein shake, I have the same problem with them. You can try an egg based protein powder. . . I’ve used them and they don’t have nearly the nasty effects of whey, but they’re just plain fucking gross.

      A better protein drink, and my go to, is a simple glass of raw milk (if you can get it in your area) mixed with some raw egg yolks (no whites). I like it plain, but you can add a touch of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg if you’re looking to flavor it up a bit. No sweetener, artificial or otherwise. It’s really one of the best protein drinks you can have. I’ll never go back to that processed protein shit again.

      Keep checking in Jonnie. I’m curious to see how you respond to the diet and your workout routine. You’ve definitely got the drive.


  9. jonnieveal says:

    Update.Not finding the IT a problem,in fact i enjoy it for five/six days and then a few hours on the seventh of a mini binge.For some strange reason i seem to be eating steak alone more than steak and eggs?…I intend to go super strict next week and have four eggs with the steak..On Thursday i had two steaks within a few hours of each other.I am drinking coffee with double cream and want to cut it down to two a day max.I am still doing INSANITY DVD and find on day nineteen still improving my cardio output,but i now intend to throw in either PX90 or Gironda Max def workout before the INSANITY.Here is my reasoning,i have trained for many years on and off,i was a gym rat,know a fair bit on nutrition and all the dark side of supplements,but just want to get as lean as fuck and maintain it,it helps i train with my wife who is Personal Trainer.Plus my job as a London Cabbie is sitting on my ass after training and i expend zero cals..So far i am pleased but will not weigh myself as the mirror does not lie,the bloat has gone and its pointless being a slave to the scale.As long as i maintain the steak and eggs for eight weeks,plus IF,i will get leaner,so for me it makes sense..I have not craved anything sweet,more missing some savoury stuff?…The only thing i have added are BCAA in the normal way…Oh..Saturday had a blender drink of wheatgrass,spirulina,maca and flaxseed..i added apple juice for flavouring…i just think a good cleanout can’t be wrong …Back to the weight thing,my wife said i am looking smaller…isnt is ego mad that she did not say slimmer!…Oh vanity…what a bitch life is!!!

    • You’re crazy Jonnie. That’s all I’ve got to say.

      Actually, no it’s not.

      I think the BCAA’s are probably a good idea. They’ll help prevent muscle loss (which is only minor on this diet anyway). The wheatgrass drink sounds godawful. I wouldn’t touch that shit with a 10 foot pole, but you’re right, a good clean out never hurt anyone.

      As for your wife’s comment. Yeah, “smaller” is the last thing you want to hear. But remember, you’re also glycogen depleted so your muscles become flat. If you carb up after 8 weeks or so your muscles will become noticeably “fuller”. They’ll really “pop” when combined with a leaner physique.

      Just be sure you’re choosing the right workout for your goals. Insanity and PX90 are great for weight loss, but they won’t build muscle except for the most sedentary of individuals. If you’re looking to gain significant muscle then you’ll need to consider bulking up. Steak and eggs will need to change to steak and potatoes.

      I’m enjoying your updates Jonnie. You’ve got insane drive. Keem ’em coming.


  10. jonnieveal says:

    Another week almost done…Have to give myself a pat on the back…No cravings although after five and half days could do with some bacon in a bun…The great thing about low carb is the bullshit which goes through your head regarding cheating,you can become dopey paranoid!!!.I do most of the shopping for the family and in a supermarket daily…none of the junk affects me?…I have switched only vice is to have a coffee with a creamer..but i have also bought double cream to put in…my sirloin steak is mixed with a mush of two/three whole eggs and a sprinkling of cheese…that’s it…On day 24 of stamina has increased/my body is changing slowly..and the bloat has gone ..weight loss is now about a one pound and half a week…i am not bothered on rapid weight loss as in the past a rebound will occur if it comes off fast..I keep away from the scales,will start to do some weight training next week…there is no way i intend to end up soft skinny…If i had advice….patience..patience..If you know you are getting fitter…eating better…then within three/six months a new body will happen.And put things into perspective…eating junk on and off,training haphazard will fuck you over keep it simple and do not live in the denial mode…The challenge continues…Grrrr….hardcore ….lmfao!

    • You are one hardcore son of a bitch Jonnie! Much respect brother.

      One and half pounds a week is still some pretty freakin’ rapid weight loss though. But you’re right about the rebound, if you lose too much too soon you’re setting yourself up for a backslide. And that on again off again junk thing does fuck you over. No doubt. That was my problem last time I did this diet. I just kept binging on the goddamn junk. I don’t know what the hell my problem was. Probably a good thing though — at least it kept my posts a little more interesting.

      Lovin’ these updates Jonnie! If you hit the weights as hard as you’ve hit the diet, you’re gonna have some spectacular fucking results.


  11. hi
    I’ve been eating steak and eggs for 5 days now and have not lost any weight or centremetres…what am i doing wrong….HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP…i drink about 4 litres of water a day. eggs are either fried or boiled and steak is fried in butter…..

    • Hi Hail, it’s difficult to say what the problem might be without knowing the full details of how you’ve approached the diet. Have you stayed true to the protocol? Are you eating just one meal a day or several? Is every meal steak and eggs, or are you adding other foods? Are you drinking anything other that water and the allowed wine? Have you binged yet? And if so, just how bad was it?

      In addition, weight is a notoriously poor indicator of results, at least in the short term. You’re right to measure centimeters, but where are you measuring? We tend to lose fat in a “first on last off” fashion. So if you’re measuring your waist, but most of your recent fat was accumulated around your butt and thighs, then that’ll be the first to go and you very well could be missing the reduction.

      The best way to get accurate with your measurements is to measure your thighs, ass, belly, bosom, and upper arms. Every time. Then you’ll see where your losing.

      If you’ve been staying true to the protocol, and you’re not losing weight or centimeters from some of your measurements, then it may just be that this diet is not for you. Not everyone responds to low carb (just most people). But take all those measurements and give it another week. Then let me know if you’ve seen any progress.

      Good luck!

      • Hi
        Breakfast – steak and 2 x boiled eggs
        Lunch – 2 fried eggs
        Dinner – steak and 2 weeks (added paprika)
        3-4litres of water

        I eat absolutely nothing else. should I start exercising.

        But I will give it another week and I will let you know.

        PS: could it be because I am on my monthly cycle

        • It could very well be that you’re retaining water because of your cycle. That’s pretty standard, but not for certain.

          How large are the steaks that you are eating? A couple of 12oz ribeyes a day with the 6 eggs could just be too much food. Do you feel stuffed and sick at the thought of food more often than not? If so, then you are overeating.

          Definitely keep at it until you’ve finished your cycle. That might make all the difference. If it doesn’t, then perhaps you should give a different diet a try.


          • hi
            steaks are 200g each
            today had 4 eggs and 1 x 200g steak
            green tea x3 cups
            and loads of water

            I actually have no appetite I am forcing myself to eat.

            Have exercised today… will give diet another week and see what happens….

          • If you’re not hungry and yet you’re forcing yourself to eat, that could be part of the problem. The reason you lose your appetite when you’re on a very low carb or ketogenic diet is because your body is tapping into your fat reserves to use as fuel.

            Since your body is getting such a large percentage of its energy from your stored fat, your appetite becomes reduced so that you don’t eat as much. Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for.

            But you’re overriding your naturally corrected appetite. So you’re getting more fuel than you need. That could be slowing your progress, or negating it entirely.

            When going low carb, it’s important to listen to — and heed — your appetite.

            So why not give it a try with just one meal a day, like the protocol calls for? By the time dinner rolls around, you’ll be more likely to have built up an appetite. And you’ll be more inclined to stick with the diet than if every meal is a chore.

            Let me know how this next week goes.


          • Hi

            Should only have weighed tomorrow but couldn’t wait. 7kg lost (from 7th May to 13th May) 7 days. Very excited. My clothes are fitting much better too. I know it’s only water loss but still it’s a loss.

            I do have a question I have absolutely no appetite will I not go out of ketosis because of this. please advise.

            Regards and thanks again for your advice.

          • I’m glad you stuck out the week and finally saw some nice results Hail. Congratulations!

            My guess is that you have no appetite precisely because you’re in ketosis. You can enter ketosis due to fasting, and you can enter it due to low carbohydrate consumption. The effect on the body is the same. This plan is a mix of both.

            When you’re in ketosis, your body is burning fat for fuel. If your body is receiving all the fuel it needs from your fat stores, then there is little reason for you to have an appetite. This has been my experience with ketosis. I’m rarely hungry on a ketogenic diet. Just be warned, when you carb up for the first time you will become a raging shit eating machine. It’s pretty impressive actually.

            I hope you continue seeing progress. Keep me posted.


          • HI
            Just an update….and thank you for all your advise….started on 1 May and to day 21 June 2013 have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 (comfortable). Not much weight lose (89 to 76) but lots of centimetres….thank you once again….but I had my carb day today and it seems that my stomach has become bloated is that normal…..

          • Good to hear from you again Hail! Going from a size 16 to a 12 is freakin’ awesome! When you put it in perspective with the weight you’ve lost, it implies an impressive body recomposition.

            Well done.

            As for the carb up, it’s totally normal for your stomach to become bloated. Mine always does after a carb up. Especially one high in junk. It’ll likely take a couple days to go away completely after you return to the steak and eggs.

            And I’d also suggest taking a break from the diet after 8 weeks, unless you’re feeling good and really want to keep going. Just a few short weeks of more regular eating is usually enough of a break to allow you to resume and keep making progress. Just be careful . . . if you do take a break, it’s easy to swing too far to the other end of the spectrum. Junk, junk, and more junk.

            That will erase your progress in a heartbeat.

            Best to stick with real food, just with more variety and a bit more carbs.

            Keep up the good work Hail!


  12. jonnieveal says:

    7th May… 06.22am…
    Guess it had to happen at some point..It was a Bank Holiday in the UK yesterday and the last three days which two were the week end sort of came off the rails..From memory i pigged out on apple crumble/ice cream for meals and had crisps/potato chips plus far too much fruit juices.No beer or wine? or anything particular except my Sat morning blend of Flaxseed,Maca,Spirulina,Wheatgrass with Apple juice.My conclusion?…Eating junk after a few days makes me feel sick,not to the degree of throwing up but in my head the fear of undoing hard graft via training and the low carb steak eggs diet.Now on my recovery week with INSANITY,which is not fucking recovery as i still sweat like a pig but not as fast paced..and for all those who say it’s bullshit i disagree as to me it’s HITT,which works to get you quite fit…the second month starts next week and get even more intense plus i will be throwing weights into my workouts…So today is back on the straight and narrow…My routine is black coffee with coconut oil…a grenade capsule…thermogenic ..lots of water and into the INSANITY..after will be a cool down…then i take to work a coffee with a tiny amount of creamer…i think after the workout it can’t do any harm…i also whack down some amino’s again..and omega 3…rest of the day is sipping water and for me i have NO hunger pangs…at about 4pm i will have some steak and eggs…this week i intend to have four eggs with every steak…i might have another coffee…and sip some water for the rest of the day..and then an early night…..My aim in the second month is too see if my fat loss accelerates and no way will i be going to a dumb ass scale to apparently weigh/see the bf reading…nah…the mirror and clothes fitting are my guide…If it goes to plan i should start to harden up in about six weeks time…by then i will switch from eight weeks of steak and eggs to chicken & broccoli…Well that’s the plan…i got a holiday in Sept and want to look the best i can…Why?…Fucking ego at my age and the feeling of looking good and knowing what it took…But hey..that is down the road..A setback?..Nah..a learning curve…get a bit paranoid but jump back on and put the work in..Have a good day people..this old fart is back in the zone bitches!

    • Ha! Awesome tale Jonnie!

      Everyone will cave at some point on this diet. That’s just how it goes. Doesn’t sound like you binged too bad though. I’m still impressed.

      But yeah, you’ll definitely feel like shit after a heavy binge. It usually takes me a couple days to get rid of the binge bloat and start feeling trim again. Maybe that phase will be speeded up for you since you’re doing that Insanity shit and seem to have the supplement thing down.

      And don’t sweat the cream in the coffee. It’s really no biggie.


      • jonnie veal says:

        An update on the steak eggs way of dieting,i should have posted this two weeks ago…anyway…It works but like most people and for sanity you need a break at some point.I did that addictive INSANITY cardio dvd and during most of the time was on steak and eggs,although i got more into eating steak by itself?? and in the IF time frame.The last two weeks i have blown out a bit,had a drink and way too much shit….But guess what..the steak and eggs is calling me back again!!!..I intend to do IF,steak and eggs daily for four days with a late night casein protein powder drink.On day five,six,the same but add the vitality green powder drink and some peanut butter in a protein drink.Sunday will be a fasting water type day.Workout wise it has to be a Gironda definition type stuff,plus the INSANITY second month routine for cardio,hopefully some pad work,and week end will be two hour long intention is to really go for it and get lean…Is it all too much?…who knows,who cares,my body will soon tell me.Maybe you have to be mad but is that wrong???..Keep going people…!!!

        • Great to hear from you again Jonnie! I can sympathize with the steak and eggs getting old. Because it does. It gets really fucking old. That’s why I had such a hard time this last go. I’ve actually found that the more times I do the diet, the harder it gets each time. Probably because I’m so aware of just how goddamn miserable it can be.

          And I’m just like you . . . I can do the steak bit without fail, but it’s those damn eggs that get so tiresome. And I LOVE eggs.

          Oh, and for the record, I DO think you’re doing too much . . . and I think you’re totally fucking awesome for going for it anyway. A man can never know his limits until he’s crashed head first into them. Keep kicking ass Jonnie!


          BTW, you’re looking fucking sharp in that picture. Whatever you been doing is working.

    • This feed is years old, but to whomever is reading, I’m 51 and have just started in….I’ve been hiking 3 miles a day (intense mountain hiking, 725 vertical feet up and then down) …just that alteration and switching to high protein low carb – and I still drink wine, up to 4 glasses…but the point is I can see and feel the shift, I’m starting to lose weight after one week in a noticeable way. My body has always reacted to exercise – I’m saying to anyone who bothered to read down this far that diet works…exercise affirms it. I was in the Army for three years at 165, couldn’t get down to 155 no matter what. Finally I switched to tuna only and running ten miles a day, and it did the trick..I was 155 for ten years straight. Now 20b years later with 2 kids and a hip/back problem (severe) I weigh 194…but I can see immediately the tone and fat reduction in one week of real assertion. All this to say keep going, no matter what until the day you look in the mirror and see the person you want to see.

      • It’s my first proper week on it and it’s been awesome. No cravings but I am tracking but eating to appetite not numbers and dropping pounds and water weight! I hope your still doing well on the diet.

  13. Sally McIntyre says:

    I’ve been doing the eggs and meat for 2 weeks now and Saturday had my carbs day and gained 5 lbs, is this normal as I felt like I messed up the 10 lbs I had lost. Also, what do you recommend I eat on the carb day? Thanks for any help 🙂

    • Hi Sally, 5 pounds is a lot to gain, but not that far out of the bounds of reality. I’ve done the same myself back in the day. It’s amazing how much water weight you can gain after a heavy carb binge when your glycogen-depleted. It’ll probably take a few days to shed all that water after you return to the protocol.

      As for what you should eat on your carb day, it really comes down to what you want and how you respond. If junk food makes you happy and isn’t hurting your progress then go for it. It’s not ideal, but you can still make progress (as I did). But if you can stick with healthier whole food carbs and be just as happy, then that’s a better bet. Potatoes, beans, rice, even some bread if you don’t have any trouble with gluten.

      The point is to refill your depleted glycogen (not so important if you don’t train) and to give yourself a mental break. If you’re the type that does better without a break, then the carb up is totally optional. Just remember, this diet is supposed to be temporary. Long term it’s not going to be healthy.

      Keep me posted on your results.


      • Sally McIntyre says:

        Thanks, appreciate the help.. I will keep you posted how I’m doing..

        • Lookin’ forward to it Sally!

          • Sally McIntyre says:

            Past 2 days I have lost 7 more lbs and I’m so excited. I even tried some whip cream yesterday because I was craving something sweet and got a little carried away eating it. I really thought I had probably messed up but woke up to 3 lb lost. So tired of eggs and meat but I’m going to stick it out another 2 weeks with the hopes I keep losing. 🙂

          • Damn Sally! That’s some serious weight loss! Well done! Just be aware that it won’t continue at that rate. You don’t even really want it to. Sustained rapid weight loss of that magnitude isn’t healthy.

            What’s going to happen is that once you’ve shed the water, the weight loss will slow to a pound or so a week. Two pounds at best. But it’ll all be fat, and if you’ve ever looked at a pound of pure fat before, then you’ll know how much that actually is. It’s impressive.

            So congratulations, and keep at it. I know that shit gets so sick and tiring, but I think you’ve got the right idea — another two weeks should be doable.

            Good luck!

  14. your opinion for someone thin/slim and trying drop 5lbs would this work and calories?
    plus is butter used to cook the food?

    i read 1 steak egg plan
    suggests : 2meals = 3/4-1 1/2lb steak, 4-6eggs per meal and butter to cook

    water/ black tea/coffee

    but curious about people trying to slim more if this could work

    • Hi Sandy, the diet you read over at Bold and Determined is an excellent plan. As with all diets though, it depends on your goals and starting point. If you’re already slim and looking to lose another 5 pounds, then that probably isn’t the best method . . . at least in the quantities you mentioned. It would work just fine in smaller portions.

      But then I would ask, why are you trying to lose another 5 pounds when you’re already “thin/slim?” Without knowing anything else about you, I would just advise caution if trying to go from skinny to skinnier. That shit ain’t healthy or attractive.

      To answer your question though, yes, the protocol as described here will work. I don’t bother with calories because calories ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. Focus on your macros and your appetite and it becomes fairly simple to manipulate your body weight. And I always cook it in butter or bacon grease.


  15. Trevor,

    First off I would like to say I really enjoy your writing style and personality. I like your outlook in life. I’ve myself have been experimenting with several diets as well. I think we all adapt to certain types of food and lifestyles better than others. I read a book about blood types that showed affinities for certain foods better than others. I was wondering if you were a blood type O by any chance? Book raised some pretty interesting points based on the idea that we become efficient over time on the foods we eat if we continue to eat them repetitively.
    But one thing that I totally agree with is the enormous public perception against fat. As an Asian we considered those parts one of the best parts of our meal. I spent 15 years in the US seeing people throw these parts away with tears on one of my eyes. Anyways I’m glad you are showing a new perspective in the way we could eat. I like the idea of eating less in quantity and eating more in quality. One thing we Asians take into regard of our diet is aging. Eating too much food that requires your body to work especially hard will cause you to age quicker; the downside of a fast metabolism. If you go and visit monks in Asia who eat one meal a day and eat very little meat to none; you will get your answers. I’ve spent close to a year as a monk and I think they have the perfect diet and lifestyle.

    • Hey Tony, thanks for the compliment. To be honest, I have no idea what my blood type is. I don’t go to doctors . . . ever. I’ve never really looked into that whole food by blood type thing, so I can’t offer any informed opinion on the matter, though I’ll admit I’m skeptical. But I’m typically skeptical of most things until I’ve tried ’em.

      I agree that we definitely waste the best parts of the animals here. We trim all the fat, toss the yolks, and won’t even touch liver. It’s pretty sad. These are the most nourishing foods, but we deny ourselves. Stupidly. It’s true that we become better adapted to the foods we eat over time. The human body is a very adaptable thing and it becomes more efficient at digesting what it’s used to. That said, it doesn’t mean that we’ll learn to thrive on a diet of donuts and sugary iced coffee. A little common sense goes a long way here.

      As for the monks you mention, they just sound totally badass.

      Thanks again for the kind words Tony. I’m glad you liked the article.


  16. Hi Trevor

    4 days in have not weighed myself as yet but feeling ok , really sticking to it , sometimes i feel like crap , what happens if i skip a steak one night and just have 1/2 doz eggs , will that hurt the regime

    • I don’t think the occasional egg replacement meal is gonna hurt all that much. But don’t make it a habit . . . the problem is that 6 eggs will not provide the same amount of protein as 3 eggs and a steak. Over a few meals that lack of protein will add up and you might start losing muscle mass instead of just fat.

      But yeah, occasionally to break the monotony is fine. I’m sure you saw all the times I broke the protocol and I still had pretty good results . . . though not nearly as good as in the past when I stuck to it strictly.

      Good luck Joe!

      • Thanks for the advice Trevor , will make sure i keep on track , just one more thing , not sure how long to stay on this diet for ,my mind is thinking , stay on this diet for 4 weeks at a time , take a few days off and carb up , then start the cycle again , would i see good results and definition in my body doing this , or just stick to the diet full on , i am not overly overweight just looking for that definition , but the diet is great first week in , i am lacking some energy when i am training with weights , the cardio side of it is ok , is this normal to lack a bit of energy , and on my cheat day , can i go all out on anything to eat , thanks this is a great article

        • I think your plan is a pretty good one. Anything more than 4 weeks is just plain fucking rough. My last stint was 8 weeks and it was pure hell . . . even though I was cheating left and right. I don’t even know how I used to be able to stick with it for 3 months straight without a single cheat.

          And it’s pretty normal to lack energy if this is your first time going low carb. Or intermittent fasting. Or even just dieting strictly. You’ll likely become fat adapted after a couple weeks. Your body will become efficient at running off fat instead of carbs.

          But until your body makes that adjustment, you’ll likely continue to have low energy. The good news is, the more often you go low carb, the shorter the time it takes for you to enter ketosis and become fat adapted. So each new phase you start should be that much easier.


          • Well i have done it Trevor , 6 days in , man i thought i would cave , i did have one cappuccino though and that was the only thing i did wrong and that was on the 6th day around 2.30 pm , so i hope that will not hurt the diet , but other than that , it was strictly to the diet , it was a tough first week , i grant you that , i am so used to having my morning cappuccinos with a couple of sugars , but i know it will get better , i am feeling pretty good the energy levels are starting to pick up a just a bit and have trained 5 days out of the 7 , already seeing the benefits , as i am already noticing change , thanks Trevor you are an inspiration , will let you know how i am progressing , cheers mate

          • Awesome Joe! I know that first week can be hell . . . wait ’till you hit the fourth. That’s always the hardest one for me. After that and it becomes a bit more tolerable . . . well, up until about the 8th week that is.

            I don’t think you need to worry about that single cappuccino. Unless it was some supersized megacup, it’s unlikely that it’ll do any noticeable damage.

            I’m glad to hear things are going well so far Joe. Keep it up and let me know how you progress.


  17. Hi im just starting getting into fitness after a long period of inactivity. Basically im very overweight at 5″7 and 216lbs. I was wondering if this sort of diet is safe for someone as unhealthy as me. Thanks

    • This is a great fat loss diet Buraot. It’s meant for overweight people. But read the protocol thoroughly. If you have any other health conditions outside of simple obesity (i.e. diabetes, heart issues, etc.) then only pursue this diet with a doctor’s approval and guidance.

      And good luck getting that.

      But if you are simply overweight with no associated conditions (or any health conditions, for that matter) then this diet can help you quickly shed some fat. Sometimes a bit too quickly . . . see the warning about quick weight loss and loose skin. As with any weight loss diet, the burden is on you to check the facts and make an informed decision.

      I’ll say this though; I promote this diet for a reason . . . because it fucking works. And that’s what weight loss diets are designed for, to help overweight people lose fat.

      Whatever your decision, I wish you the best of luck man.


      • jonnyfolk says:

        Good luck finding a doctor to sign off on this diet! And that’s the problem with the whole skewed Western health system!

  18. natosha says:

    appetite and hunger.. I wanted to take your opinion on low carb whole foods verse low carb processed.

    i seem to crave more even tho i’m eating whole choices:
    chicken breasts
    cheese lowerfat

    but wonder if the amount is ok since low carb



    each a chick breast ,tblp butter , cheese 2 string style low fat mozzarella
    and 4th meal addition of 4eggs

    does this or if say chose any fattier cut going to lead to gain even tho whole no fillers/salts/additives in it
    even if eating it all day

    • Hi Natosha, here’s your problem . . . you’re not eating enough fat. Even if your food choices are whole foods (and by definition, anything that’s “reduced fat” is NOT whole) you are not getting enough fat in your diet. A little butter and a few whole eggs ain’t gonna cut it.

      Instead of chicken breast eat bone-in skin on chicken thighs. Instead of lowfat cheese eat full fat cheese. A low carb diet MUST be high fat in order to be nutritious and satiating. And extremely low fat high protein diets can even be deadly. Check out “rabbit starvation” if you want to see what happens when fat is too low and protein too high. That shit ain’t pretty.

      And one other thing . . . part of what makes this diet so effective is the combination of low carb/high fat with intermittent fasting. 4 meals per day is not intermittent fasting.

      So I’d say this, instead of doing something that doesn’t seem to be working well for you, try the protocol as described here. Then report back and let me know how it worked.

      Good luck!

  19. Hey Trevor,

    I was a little hesitant to attempt this, but after seeing everyone’s comments… why not? Anyways, I had a few questions:

    1. I’ve started out eating ground beef because it’s cheaper than most cuts of beef. What do you suggest I should buy as far as meat/fat? 80/20? 90/10? 95/5?

    2. I’ve heard most people say that the beef and eggs need to be from grass-fed animals rather than grain fed. Is that necessarily true?

    3. What’s your favorite way to eat your steak and eggs?

    4. Can we season our steaks in something else other than salt, pepper and butter?

    I appreciate your post and awesome writing skills, that made me enthusiastic about doing this!

    I just completed my first month of Insanity and I wanted to stick to a diet that would give me great results along with great energy! I’ll keep my results.posted!

    • Hey Miguel, thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you’re gonna give this a shot. So to answer your questions . . .

      1. 80/20. Fattier is better here. And while ground beef is not the ideal choice of meat for this diet, I can certainly sympathize with the cost issue. But try to get in a nice fatty steak every now and again. Ground beef day in and day out just ain’t gonna be fun and you may have trouble sticking to the diet (well, even more trouble than you would otherwise).

      2. Grass fed beef is FAR healthier than grain fed. That said, no, it is not necessary to eat grass fed beef. I don’t. Unless one of the local farms happens to offer some at a reasonable price, that is. Grain fed beef will not make this diet any less effective. So don’t sweat it.

      3. Steak, pan fried in bacon grease, and topped with 4 eggs, also fried in bacon grease, with yolks running all over the steak. Grilled steak also is great, especially over coal and smoked with mesquite. But I’m just too lazy to do that every night. Steak in bacon grease is both fantastic AND easy. Always cook it rare to medium rare. No more.

      4. Go for it. But be careful that your seasonings or rubs don’t contain any sugar. A couple of my favorites are to season the steak with cumin and chili powder (and the eggs too), or to season it with Montreal Seasoning. And since you’ll be salting your steak so heavily, be sure to take the opportunity to really brown the steak and create a nice salty crust. Fucking delicious!

      I’m looking forward to your updates Miguel.

      Good luck!

      • Trevor,

        So far I’ve seen ridiculous weight loss in three days, 7 pounds to be exact. The only issue is that my energy levels are shot during the day. I think it may be when I’m eating/working out. I eat in the mornings and do Insanity at night.. should I change something? I’m also eating 16oz of steak, 3 fried eggs and salting the living shit out of my food.. would Gatorade G2 be alright to drink?

        • Hey Miguel, that’s some serious weight loss. Congrats!

          Regarding your energy levels . . . many people experience a serious dip in energy when switching to low carb/ketogenic/intermittent fasting for the first time. Since this diet combines all three, it’s no surprise that you’re feeling low. Especially when combined with Insanity. Once you’ve become fat adapted, your energy should pick back up. If it doesn’t, first consider eating more. If that doesn’t help, then this diet may not be for you (at least, not if you’re doing Insanity style workouts). Give it a couple weeks or so to see how you adapt.

          As for the G2, I’d stay away from that shit. A huge part of the steak and egg diet is the fact that it’s a very natural way of eating. Gatorade is not. Plus, the sugary carbs will negate the ketosis you’re looking to achieve. Just stick with water. Add a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice if you want some refreshing flavor.

          Keep me in the loop about your progress Miguel.


  20. Are you allowed to add a little bit of cheese to the eggs, say such as, in scrambled fashion?

    • A little cheese ain’t gonna hurt anything David, especially if it helps to keep you on the diet. That said, the fewer exceptions to the protocol the better. So just be mindful of how much cheese and what kind you are adding (a bit of cheddar is just fine, a pile of Kraft Singles not so much).

      Good luck!

  21. Hey Trevor,

    Can I have the glass of red wine in the evening or is the red wine only allowed along with the meal? I’m on Day 3 of my salmon and eggs diet – had a large piece of salmon cooked in lots of coconut oil and 4 eggs, that was 4 hours ago and I still feel stuffed. I’m definitely going to struggle but if it gets results then I will just tough it out and make the most of my cheat days to keep me sane along the way!


    • You can have the wine whenever you want Louise. And hopefully, the diet will get a bit easier. I’d like to see you stick with your version for awhile just to see how “Fish and Eggs” compares to the usual steak and eggs.

      Good Luck!

  22. Hi Trevor,

    I stopped smoking about 2 years ago and have steadily gained 25kgs over that period. My weight does peak and trough every 10 years or so and in 2003 I did the eggs and grapefruit diet, which was very successful for me and lost 20kgs. I started this diet again 4 days ago and have lost 2kgs.

    However, whilst trawling the web for info on it I stumbled across your blog which has definitely caught my interest and I am thinking of having a crack at this next week.

    I am a little confused though! You mention in the protocol “1 meal per day” but when I read the messages from others on your blog they mention what they had for “breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

    What am I missing? I’m not sure I would be able to eat just 1 meal. If it is 1 meal, when do you eat – morning or evening?

    Also can you eat any other type of red meat – eg: lamb or pork? Or should you only stick to beef steaks?

    I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • Hi Celeste,

      I’m glad you found my site and that it caught your interest. I can understand your confusion regarding some of the comments. Here’s the deal: People are gonna do what they want. I lay out in no uncertain terms what my protocol is. I even say I’ll hunt you down if you stray from it.

      But then look at my diet updates throughout the weeks that I was chronicling my last attempt at this diet. Yeah, I strayed pretty freakin’ far from the protocol.

      So I’m not out to nitpick what others are doing, or to tell them they’re doing it all wrong (unless they truly are missing the point). Whatever adjustments you need to make to help you stick with the diet are fine in my book. So long as they don’t prevent you from progressing. So if you need another meal or two per day, then I say go for it. Just try to stay true to the spirit of the protocol

      That said, the reason this protocol is so effective is because it taps into the power of a ketogenic diet AND intermittent fasting. When you remove the intermittent fasting part of the plan, it becomes just another ketogenic diet. Which isn’t bad in itself — usually that is more than enough for most people. But it’s not gonna give you the same ridiculously fast weight loss as the true protocol will. But really, most people don’t need that kind of fast weight loss in the first place. They just need consistent weight loss.

      As to your question regarding what kind of meats are acceptable — yes, lamb and pork are both fine. But be sure you’re eating fatty cuts of pork (lamb is usually fatty enough). When your carbs are limited as much as they are on this diet, you will need all that fat to keep you fueled.

      Good luck!

  23. Great! Thanks for clarifying Trevor.

    1 last question: if you were to only eat steak and eggs for 1 meal a day which one would be best – breakfast, lunch or dinner? I was thinking i might have some eggs for breakfast, miss lunch and then steak and eggs for dinner?

    As I mentioned I have been doing the eggs and grapefruit and I have lost 3 kg’s in week 1 (last day today) with the plan to start the Steak and Eggs regime on Monday! Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how I get on.


    • Hey Celeste, when I do one meal a day, it’s always dinner. It’s just my personal preference. I like to kick back at the end of a day with a huge-ass meal then just lie around feeling sick for awhile before I go to bed. Good times.

      But it doesn’t really matter what meal you choose. Whatever fits best with your schedule/lifestyle/preferences. Same for two meals per day. So if you want eggs for breakfast then steak and eggs for dinner, I say go for it. So long as you are happy with the results then all’s good.

      The result, after all, is the only thing that matters.


  24. I love your no nonsense approach Trevor – it is very funny. It’s winter here in Australia so the thought of steak, eggs and red wine in the evenings is perfect.

    I’m off to the market on Sunday to buy some sirloin!

    Will give it a go for 2 weeks starting this Monday – I’ll report back. 🙂

  25. quik ?.. whats ur opinion on salt …bad good how much is too much?( any low carb and this plan as well)

  26. Hey,

    Just checking in with an update on my Fish and Eggs diet. 3 weeks in and going strong … I started on a Saturday through to the following Friday and broke for the weekend – enjoyed carrot cake (Magnolias), huge chocolate chip cookie (from Levain – NYC readers will know what i’m talking about!), frozen yogurt and sushi as my treats/cheats. Funny thing was that I really didn’t enjoy the cake or the cookie and these are my two go to treats that I used to enjoy immensely but they just tasted like sugar and weren’t very satisfying. I went Mon-Fri again with no cheating and stuck to sushi and froyo on my carb/cheat day.

    Mon – Fri my meal is usually about 8 oz of wild salmon cooked in lots of butter or coconut oil and 2-3 eggs, sometimes I add half an avocado and I have also started adding a packet of Artisana Coconut Butter as a sort of dessert – lots of good fats and low carb. For the first two weeks I enjoyed a glass of red wine most evenings but for the week just passed I omitted the red wine completely and I have seen faster results this way.

    It’s Friday now but I am going to keep fasting ’til Sunday as I have lunch planned with a friend on Monday and will make that my carb day. That’s how I make it work … if I know something is coming up where I will be tempted to induge then I just fast a few days longer and break for that day instead.

    I’m going to stick with it until the end of August at least. Right now I think it will almost be difficult to go back to eating more often during the day. If nothing else this is a great way to learn that you don’t really need to be eating as much and a lot of it is just mindless grazing and emotional eating.

    I don’t weigh myself but I did measure my hip (problem area) at the start and I’m down an inch so far … doesn’t seem like a lot but I feel a big difference in my clothes and I can see the difference in the mirror. Will update again in a few weeks.


    • Hey Louise, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I had an unplanned absence, but I’m back . . .and curious to see if you stuck with the diet through to the end of August as you had intended. It seems like you were going strong. I like that you were able to adapt the diet to your needs and schedule without stressing about it. It’s an important skill for the successful dieter to develop.

      I hope to hear from you.


  27. Pat Southwell says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I love reading all your posts, very funny and really informative! Keep telling it like it is. Ive always tried to look after myself but I’d never heard of this diet until this morning. I think it’s just what I need to get rid of all the weight i recently put on.

    My wife is a bit concerned as I’m usually all or nothing when it comes to these things, I’m hoping the results will take care of her fears.

    I’ve recently had surgery on my shoulder and have just been eating shit and not being active at all, also sinking beer and wine most nights, not cool! I am an electrician but now have an office job so not burning anything at work anymore.

    I am 32 yo, 6’2″ and 97 kgs (214 lbs). My wife is 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be in shape for photos when the baby comes. Also, in Australia summer is coming so I can almost hear the beach calling me. At my wedding last February, I was just under 80 kgs and a lean mean machine!

    I woke up hungover this morning and went to the shops to get my steak, eggs and butter. For breakfast I had 5 eggs, and a 400g steak rare. Do you think I should do this once or twice a day?

    I’ll update my progress. Thanks again!


    • Hey Pat, forgive me for my very late response. I’ve been away for awhile, but I’d like to hear how long you stuck with the diet and what your results were. Fill me in if you get the chance.


  28. RedPlumpTomat says:

    Great blog… I love it..

    I find eggs don’t agree with me too well but, I am eating them. However, I found a meal plan that works for me… Steak and Fresh juiced veggies in the morning and steak / eggs in the evening..

    I watched a documentary on juicing and have been hooked. I know it has carbs, but so far, it’s working.

    My juice contains.
    Kale, celery, selantra, cucumbe and sometimes a carrot or apple. I add flax seed for fibre and chia seeds.. I chug this down with a top sirloin fried in a fuckload of butter. No constipation due to organic flax seed..

    At night, I fry up my eggs in the steak greese “Steak Greese Omlette” . Again, a mother fuckload of butter.

    This diets is proving to be awesome even though I’ve modified the protocol and added fresh juice.

    • That’s awesome Red! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but I was absent for awhile. It’s great that you were able to adapt the protocol to your needs and preferences. So long as the diet keeps working then modifications are just fine. It’s all about finding what works for YOU. And you seemed to have done that.

      I know you’re probably finished with the diet at this point, but if you care . . . I’d love to hear how long you were following your modified protocol and what your results were.


  29. Hi

    Can i drink herbal tea on the steak and egg challenge.

    Great blog.


    • I know my response is late in coming Hail, but yes . . . you can drink herbal tea. So long as you’re not adding sugar to it.

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you — I was away for awhile. But now that I’m back, I’d love to hear how this diet worked out for you. Let me know . . .


  30. The Geographer says:

    Cramping is not a sign of salt depletion. It is a sign of potassium depletion. You need more potassium if you’re eating a high-sodium diet.

  31. Thank’s for all the info Trevor! Love your writing.
    So. I had a beautiful baby 10 weeks ago via c-section. Due to the way she came out, I still can’t exercise for a good few month’s due to complications. Decided to give this diet a go to get rid of the baby weight (which is now only a couple of pounds, but want to lose more anyway!) low carb diets have worked amazingly well for me in the past. I’m on day one, had a steak and two eggs fried in butter about two hours ago. I am absolutely stuffed to no end! Never been a fan of eggs, but I’m wondering if this diet will work with only two? The steak wasn’t huge either, but I really had to force the meal down. (Any more and I may have been physically sick!) Anywhos! Day one, steak and two eggs and plain water for me. Will post back next Wednesday with any weight loss updates. Good luck people! x

    • Hey Kayleigh, if you’re full then you’re probably getting enough food. But I would caution about dieting so soon after having a baby. If you’re breast feeding your child, then your diet becomes your baby’s diet. Steak and eggs are good and healthy foods, no doubt, but the diet as prescribed is pretty restrictive — whatever deficiencies you may encounter will affect the quality of your milk. You should probably check with your doctor before getting too deep into this diet. At the very least, I’d suggest adding a wide array of vegetables and some fruit to your diet.


  32. Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for responding. I had 2 cracks at the diet. First time was 3 weeks at it, I then had 2 weeks of while my wife had the baby and then another 4 weeks at it.

    I found it really hard for the first week with stomach cramps, feeling a bit dizzy etc. into the second week onwards was much better, was feeling good at work and the body adapts. Really struggled with the steak after the first week, but I stuck to my guns and didn’t break any rules (I don’t think)

    Didn’t really get results I wanted though, only lost about 2 kgs throughout the whole period. I can only think of 3 possible things I may have done wrong and if be interested in your comments:
    1. I may have carbed up too much on my day off, I went pretty nuts with toast, muffins, bread rolls, potatoes, the list goes on, I did not hold back!!!

    2. I sometimes added some Worcestershire sauce to my steak while cooking. This was to make it bearable. I think it has very little sugar in it though.

    3. I probably didn’t exercise through this period.

    Maybe my body doesn’t respond to this diet? What do you think?

    Thanks, Pat

    • Thanks for the update Pat! I appreciate it.

      It’s hard to say for certain why the diet didn’t work for you. I don’t think the Worcester sauce had anything to do with it. Heavy weekend carb-ups, on the other hand, can certainly do the trick — especially if you aren’t exercising. I had some pretty crazy carb-ups myself last time I did the diet, but I was also training my ass off. You gotta earn your carbs, as they say.

      But it could just very well be that this is not the diet for you. Not everyone responds to low carb. Have you since tried any other diets?

      • I know this response is half a decade late, but for anyone reading this today: If you’re not working out, the steak-and-eggs diet will reflect *exactly how much you exercise*. If you get good walking and standing in, you will lose a bit of weight. If you work out with weights and cardio, you will cut fast. If you don’t do much, you might lose weight at first, but your losses will taper off around the fourth week, and you’ll stop losing weight after that.

        Adding salad (particularly spinach) and nightshade veggies (like tomatoes) seems to stall the weight loss. Be very careful with consuming vegetable matter of any kind. If you are doing this, don’t start it until your 2nd week in, and follow with vigorous cardio to burn off any glycogen. You don’t want to get knocked out of keto.

        Careful with milk, cream, cheese, and all dairy except for high quality butter. Dairy is sugary. You need to be doing cardio if you consume dairy during on days. You can have a pat of butter as a snack (gross but sometimes necessary).

        No soda. None. Not even lo-cal fruit drinks. For me, and I have heard from many others, that diet soda destroys the value of the diet. In these cases, if you’re a heavy diet soda drinker (I was) your blood pressure will soar, you’ll have spikes and crashes from every bit of sugar you eat, and your weight loss will have big brakes on it. You have to quit diet soda completely. Sorry. Substitute high-quality coffee, with a bit of spice and some butter. Diet soda is a two-week detox, sorry.

        I have had bad luck with stevia on this diet too, seems like you can’t use it during on days. For a while I was using stevia and cream cheese as a dessert. No good. Cottage cheese is seemingly off limits too.

        Be very careful with cheat days. You should probably use these times to eat plant matter before you go after a pizza or donuts. Don’t miss workouts because it’s a cheat day. You need cheat days, or you WILL stall.

        Learn to use spices. Mrs. Dash makes an excellent line of tools for your arsenal. Tiny amounts of other sauces are ok. Hot sauce is ok but nothing with sugar. Yes that means Sriracha. And no ketchup. Lemon juice is ok in small quantities, vinegar seems to be fine, and ACV can actually help (also helps with cravings). If you get hooked on sour sauces, though, you’ll fall off the wagon and/or start cheating.

        If keeping on diet is really hard, and the idea of eating nauseates you, skip the meal and wait until the next meal. It won’t hurt you. Wait until your appetite comes back. You can use forskolin if you need to curb appetite.

        Drink. Lots. of. Water. Lots. And salt your food. heavily.

  33. Hello Trevor,
    I would really like to try this out.
    I recently lost about 45 lbs. I would like to lose another 15 at least. I’m wondering how long it will take and I’m also wondering if I can use plain hamburger meat instead of Steak. How many eggs can/should I have in one day? Can I use egg beaters instead of eggs?
    Can I wait to get down to my weight and then start exercising?
    Sorry for so many questions.
    Thank you so much for all of your information

    • Hi Frank, congratulations on your 45 pound weight loss. That is a helluva feat. Well done.

      As to how long it will take to lose another 15, who can say? Having already lost so much weight, you’re likely to see a reduction in the rate of loss. It’s natural. So maybe you’ll lose a pound a week, maybe less. I can’t really answer this for you because there are just too many variables. Are you training? If so, what kind of training? Are you an office worker or are you on your feet all day? And so many more. You should have a better idea than I do regarding how fast you have, and how fast you may lose weight.

      You can use hamburger meat if you prefer, but make sure it’s not lean hamburger meat — you need the fat to make this diet work. Low fat, low carb, high protein diets are NOT healthy. You need the fats for health, energy and to prevent the “rabbit starvation” that can occur when eating lean meats without enough fats. But keep in mind that hamburger meat is best kept as an occasional substitute for steak, rather than a total replacement. The diet can still work, but it’ll likely be less effective.

      I can’t tell you how many eggs to eat in a day, but I’d start with anywhere from 2-4 and see how you respond. Are you satisfied with your meal and losing weight? Then good. Still hungry? Maybe add another egg or two. Not losing weight and feeling stuffed? Then cut back a bit. It does take some experimentation to find out the right amount of food for you. If you’re training hard you’ll need more, sittin’ on your butt all day and you’ll need less.

      As for Egg Beaters, the answer is no. They are simply processed egg whites with a bunch of added crap to make them seem a bit more like egg. It is an extremely unnatural product and will not work with this diet. Remember, you need the fats that are found in the egg yolks. And the cholesterol, as well.

      But you can start exercising any time you wish. The sooner the better I’d say . . . barring any medical conditions I’m not aware of.

      I hope I was able to answer all your questions sufficiently.

      Good Luck!

      • Hi Trevor,
        Thanks so much for your reply and for the info. Now that you have told me part of the problem I can at least continue on and maybe have some progress! I was using egg beaters for about 5 days and it was not working but I was blaming the hamburger meat.??? I will not do that now!
        I’m never hungry so I can’t judge by that, I have to go by what I should have daily. I am 5′ 7″ and 165 and I should weigh around 150 lbs. I’m trying to walk 2 miles a day but don’t always have the time. I don’t train now but I will start soon. I have a very hard time losing weight, always have my whole life. Three years ago when I was at 197 I tried Hi intensity burst training for over 2 months with a coach and lost only 8 pounds. I guess I should tell you I am on meds for life and have been for over ten years that they claim does make you gain weight and it’s very hard to lose weight. I guess I am proof of that.
        I lost the 45 lbs mostly by Atkins style and just better eating habits but now for 6 months I am stuck and I want to get it over with and stay there for life!
        Is there something other than eggs that can be used? Protein shakes, cottage cheese, fats, nuts, cheese?
        Just looking for some possible alternatives if the eggs don’t work for me.
        Thanks again for all of your help.

        • Hey Frank, once you remove the eggs from the diet it ceases to be the “Steak and Eggs Diet.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Considering you had so much success on an Atkins style low carb diet, maybe you should continue with a more standard low carb plan. Steak and eggs is a very limited food plan. And knowing that you’re on meds for a medical condition makes me hesitant to recommend this plan for you.

          You did read the disclaimer that states this is not for anyone with health problems, right?

          It may just be that you need to get more active while continuing to eat a real food/lowish carb diet. Maybe something along the lines of Paleo/Primal would work for you.


          • Hi again Trevor, thanks again for your quick response.
            Yes, I read the disclaimer and please don’t worry about any thing like that. I would never point the finger or blame someone who is trying to help another person.

            I do agree, it should be steak and eggs and that’s what I will try. As far as the Meds go, its for a problem that I have had for quite a while its called Cluster migraine headaches. Extremely rare but very extremely painful to the point that they have been also called suicide headaches. You can look it up if you wish but trust me, that’s what you will find. It has been under control for over 10 years but I can never go off of the medications.
            I am always on a low carb menu right now, everyday is below 40 carbs. There are 2 or 3 days a week that I don’t even hit 15. Calories are only around 1300 to 1800. I have read some about the paleo primal but your steak and eggs sounded so easy that I thought I would try this right away to knock off the 15 pounds. I feel like once I do that I can stick with a good exercise regimen. Right after Thanksgiving I will do your plan and let you know how it works. Thank you once again for all of your information.


          • Fair ’nuff Frank. Of course, if you’re anything like me, by the time Thanksgiving is over, you’re gonna have to lose 20 pounds instead of just 15!

            And considering what you just told me about how many carbs you’re getting, it may be entirely possible that adding back some carbs might just spur a new round of weight loss — at least if you’re training hard. Often times, a blast of some carbs can boost our metabolism if we’ve been low carbing it for awhile. And considering your not very overweight (if at all) you may not need to remain so low carb (unless you’re very carb sensitive).

            However you choose to go, I’m wishing you luck. Looking forward to hearing your update.


  34. Stefan Klim says:

    Really great posts! Thank you for doing this! I’m planning on doing this diet very soon and reading through all your posts and thought processes was really helpful for me. I’ve done no carb diets before, living only off of eggs, chicken, and fish and it was quite effective. I’m intrigued though to go completely brutal and ONLY do steak and eggs for a while to see what a difference it’ll make. Just curious: what do you think about a fish and eggs diet instead? I’m not a nutritionist so I have no idea if it would be better or worse, or maybe not as filling as a steak. But fish is high in protein and fat, but maybe not as much as steak. I guess I can just see myself getting a tiny bit more enjoyment out of eating tuna and salmon every day instead of steak… but as you said, this isn’t meant to be an enjoyable experience.

    • Hey Stefan, thanks for the compliment! Now keep in mind, I’m no nutritionist either. But I don’t see any inherent problems with a fish and eggs diet vs. the steak and eggs diet. It all depends on whether you get enough protein and fat. That said, you’ll be getting a different ratio of fats from fish than you would from steak. Saturated fat is one of the things that helps this diet to be so effective, so if you’re steaming your fish then you may not get enough (depending on how many eggs you’re eating). But if you’re cooking your fish with butter then you might be ok.

      Another thing to consider is whether you’ll actually be getting enough food for the day. You’ll have to eat plenty of fish to make up for the missing steak.

      As always though, the only true way to know if this would work for you is to try it out. Experience is all that counts. Louise, a few comments above yours, was doing the fish and eggs thing and she seemed to be having some success. If it’ll make it easier to stick to the diet, then give it a shot.

      And report back here with your results!


      • Hi,

        Just wanted to add from my personal experience with the salmon and eggs diet. This definitely worked for me. I didn’t have that much weight to lose so it served more as a little boot camp to get me back on track with a healthier diet. I ate a very large piece of salmon and two soft boiled eggs at lunch time each day and in the second week I added half an avocado and some raw coconut butter. Some days I literally had to force myself to finish the salmon (I’m not a very big eater though) and I gave up the glass of red wine in the third week as I had been having this in the evenings and I felt it was awakening my hunger and testing my resolve.

        I went off the strict salmon and eggs diet at the end of August but it was the kick start I needed to continue with a healthier diet and a fitness plan. I am still eating lower carb now, getting my carbs mostly from brown rice and sticking with salmon salad for lunch and something light for dinner.

        I think that its a very effective diet for fast results and at the very least it should kick start healthier habits as you will probably be surprised to learn that you really don’t need as much food as you would think or as often as you would think.

        • Thanks for the great update Louise. I’m glad to hear that fish and eggs worked so well for you. And, even better, that it spurred a real change towards a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, these crash diets CAN lead to lasting improvements in health, far beyond just the immediate weight loss. It all depends on how one approaches things. Keep up the good work!


  35. Hey. I followed a low carb diet before mostly brocolli and chicken 5 times a day lol, and had very good results I dropped 30 kgs but have put it all back on lol, I’m 6ft 1 and 21st at 30 % body fat would this diet be suitable for me or is it more suited to a bodybuilder pre comp ? Thanks pat

    • This is not a diet specifically geared towards bodybuilders during pre-comp (though Gironda’s version of steak and eggs WAS his pre-comp diet, and many of his famous disciples as well). So yes, this diet is perfectly acceptable for you . . . so long as you’re not suffering any medical conditions and such.

      But since you had so much success with low carb before, then put the weight back on, I think you may need to think longer term than the quick weight loss this diet was designed for. Yo-yo dieting will get you nowhere. Perhaps you should try a Real Food approach instead. It may be a better bet for you in the long term.

      Whichever course you decide on, I wish you luck.


  36. Stefan Klim says:

    thanks so much for the helpful advice and input! I think I’ll start by just sticking to the steak and eggs diet and not modify it, see how it works, and then maybe down the line I’ll experiment more with changing the steak to fish perhaps. I’m planning on starting this week, which will give roughly three weeks to get more toned and ripped before Xmas is here. Btw, is the glass of red wine per day a required part of the diet and nutrition? Or is it just like a daily indulgence that is allowed?

    • Sounds like a good plan Stefan. Good luck sticking with your diet through the holidays — it’ll be a challenge. I hope you reach your goal. As for the red wine, it’s just an indulgence for sanity’s sake. Feel free to skip it if you choose.


  37. Hi there,

    Great blog, thanks. I am going to start this diet but what’s up with Red Wine? I mean, it has sugar in it, and carbs, so isn’t that defeating the purpose when I am on steak and eggs and red wine???

    • Hey Ed, glad you like the blog. The deal with the red wine is mostly for sanity’s sake. It adds just enough variety to help stick with the diet. Or that’s the theory, at least. It helps me, for sure.

      Regarding the carb/sugar content: red wine actually has very few carbs. You’re looking at just a few grams per glass (3-5 depending on type of varietal). I’m not gonna sweat a few carbs if it helps me to better keep with the diet. They won’t keep you outta ketosis, unless you’re chugging a bottle a day. Now, if you were to drink white wine you’d be doubling those carbs per glass (or more) and so then you might see a problem. However, the wine is optional. You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to.


  38. Hi there,

    Thanks for the clarification. Two more questions, so I eat what I want sat and sunday?
    When should i work out?
    Should I be losing weight more or should I focus on size shrink?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hey Ed, Sat and Sun are free days, provided that on one of those days you eat steak and eggs . . . then you can have other stuff if you like. You can work out whenever suits you. You’ll be losing weight, but the big weight loss in the first week will be mostly water. You can focus on size shrink if you like, but that can also be a bit misleading as you might drop an entire inch or so in just a couple days from the loss of water/gas bloat. The best way to judge your progress is by taking pictures every week — front, side and back. Same time each day. The camera never lies.

      Good Luck!

  39. i noticed you said don’t count calories or protein or etc.

    But let say your weight is around 280lbs. I mean doesn’t it matter the type of steaks you choose since every cut differs in protein amounts per ounce. Does it matter if your getting 70-80% of your bodyweight in grams of protein.

    Lol I’m on the 6th day of this diet, I do like your page. Its probably the best one that speaks on this diet. I just have different cuts of steak, and I’m averaging probably 15-21 ounces a day. And maybe only getting 100-150grams of protein from just steak.

    Just want to know if I’m doing this right, and I do average 4-6 eggs a day too ( Large brown, carefree)

    • Hey Zorro, different cuts do contain different macros, but like I said, I don’t count anything. So long as you’re getting the nutrients your body needs, it will adjust to the variances in your intake. You’re doing just fine on protein. You don’t need 200+ grams a day to match your body weight. Only hard core weight lifters need that much protein. A better guide might be grams of protein in relation to lean mass, but that’s just getting too damn technical for me.

      Eat enough steak and eggs so that you’re not hungry. Your body should take care of the rest.


  40. So the question is, can a person lose, who has to lose 50 lbs, can start losing 1 lb a day ? Or it all depends?

    • Hey Ed, it definitely depends. On many things. You may lose one pound a day in the beginning. For a few days, maybe a week. And much of that will be water loss. Once the bloat is gone, the weight loss will slow down, but it’ll be mostly fat. No one can sustain a 1 pound a day loss for very long. And you wouldn’t want to — it’s unhealthy and if you really lost 50 pounds in 50 days you’d likely end up with hanging loose skin.

      But one to two pounds per week can be sustained for quite a long time.

      Good Luck!

  41. Would this diet work if i am just snowboarding? I am an instructor and ride pretty hard, 5-6 hours a day everyday.

  42. Hey Trevor. Just came across your site, tons of info and a great read. I’m about 25kg overweight, I’ve tried eating right and working out in the past, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, which means it’s like triple harder to lose weight for me. So I have a couple questions…
    1. would this diet work for me?
    2. Is topside/silverside steaks ok?
    3. Am I still able to take my caffeine supplements?
    4. Do I stop drinking my protein shake after workouts? I use the la muscle one because it’s lacoste free and I’m lacoste intolerant.

    Look forward to reading your response.

    • Hi Sairah, glad you enjoyed the article. Let’s just get straight to it . . .

      1. Yes, this diet could work for you. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to dieting, however. But based on what you’ve told me, I’d say yes — strictly following this diet will likely work. At the very least, it would get you started on the right foot.

      2. Topside is ok, provided you’re getting enough fat from the butter and eggs. Ideally though, you’d be using a fattier cut of meat. Best just to try it out and see how you respond.

      3. I don’t see a problem with your caffeine supplements so long as they’re not sugar laden. No energy drinks, or anything like that.

      4. I suggest dropping the protein shake. You’ll be getting plenty of protein on this diet as it is. In addition, even though your shake is low carb, processed whey protein is very insulinogenic. This diet works by keeping your insulin levels low and stable — a protein shake will throw that off kilter. Besides, the idea behind this diet is to stick to simple unprocessed whole foods (steak and eggs). Processed supplements have no place in this diet.

      I hope I’ve adequately answered all your questions.

      Good Luck!

  43. natosha says:

    how do you cook the food? Can you add butter or is that not allowed?

  44. Hi there! I have been attempting to get fit and drop weight for quite a while now, and the more research I do on this particular diet, the more I think that this is going to be the absolute easiest and most effective. I have tried literally EVERYTHING and the problem is I get bogged down and overwhelmed in the complication of counting carbs and calories and all that stuff. That is why the simplicity REALLY appeals to me! I plan on starting this as soon as I get to the supermarket!! 🙂 I did have a quick couple of questions though: Can you use a bit of fresh herbs and garlic to flavor it up the steak and eggs? And I know you have to drink a LOT of water to flush everything out–can I enhance it with a little squeeze of lime or lemon juice? And can you substitute the steak with fatty tuna or salmon cooked in olive oil every once in a while to help with the monotony and to get some heart-healthy fats included? And if I am drinking coffee with cream is it heavy whipping cream or half and half that you want to use in it? Thanks so much in advance, don’t want to screw it up with these tweaks, but if they can be effective in maximizing flavor and keep it from getting too boring then that is even better!

  45. This sounds hellish, yet I know I’m only going to benefit from this craziness.

    My question is about the addition of Rosemary. Even before doing this, I’ve always slathered my steaks with Rosemary Butter. I just want to make sure Rosemary won’t cause any problems maintaining Ketosis or the like

  46. Hello,

    Can we substitute the beef with other kind of fatty meat (pork for example or chicken thigh)?

    Loved your article, made my day,too. 🙂


  47. Hey, I’m not sure if anyone asked this question before me, but I was just wondering if I had to stick with beef of could I substitute it with goat meat.

    Also, what’s you opinion of gallon of milk a day?

  48. Hi Trevor, great blog.

    I am at day 5 and 6lbs down on two steak and eggs per day but going to switch to your plan next week so I can enjoy weekends and have some wine.

    Currently half way through meal two of the day and struggling to finish it despite training hard today but I will push through 🙂

    Keep up the good work

  49. Oh and is mayonnaise ok?

  50. I can see that this diet would be do-able in as much as it’s uncomplicated, but does it only work if you drink the wine? I do not drink any alcohol. I would want to substitute carbonated water for the wine. ????

  51. Philip wensel says:

    This was awesome!! Thank you for sharing !!

  52. Hey, Trevor I’m a 6’1 300 pound defensive tackle in high school. But I’m switching to defensive end so I need to drop about 40 – 45 pounds. I’ve been doing the steak and egg diet for about 8 days with absolutely no carb days just the steak and eggs. And I run for about an hour and a half in the mornings with maybe some insanity an night. Could you give me your “plan” for me to be most optimal and efficient in getting this 45 pounds off as soon as possible. Please and thank you

  53. Hi

    Please advise f I can replace the steak with pork rashers for a week. I sister bought a bucket load of pork rashers and they need to be eaten, or wont i lose weight if i eat it. There is quite a bit of fat on the rashers if it is fat that I should be eating.

    Please advise.

  54. What can you season the steak with?

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    can write or else it is complex to write.

  56. Patrick says:

    Hey!! Great article, thanks for sharing.

    I was already a pretty lean guy (around ~13% BF), consumed about 100g of carbs per day as well as 5 days a week of pretty intense bodyweight workouts. I’ve taken a page from your book and tried this diet with awesome results. I’ve been on it for a week and noticed immediate results – I’ve most likely dropped a good 2%-4% BF in that week alone. The diet I follow is…

    Breakfast – 3 Eggs (cooked in butter) + Protein Shake (using Unsweetened Almond Milk)

    Snack – Handful of Almonds

    Lunch – Chicken Breast in a spinach salad with red & yellow peppers, + bacon bits

    Dinner – Steak & another Protein Shake.

    Loving it so far! Should have me ready for beach season in no time. Seeing as I do extremely tiring and physical work (Construction/Landscaping), on top of my daily workouts, there’s no way I could drop down to just one meal a day, but I feel like this is a pretty good high fat, low carb Ketosis/Steak & Eggs diet.

    I’d love for any insight you might have. Thanks again, this is awesome!

  57. Hi there to all, the contents present at this site are in fact amazing for people knowledge, well, keep up the
    good work fellows.

  58. Hi Trevor!
    Sounds good..great blog!
    Can you use ground beef?
    Also can you use coconut oil to cook rather than butter?
    Thanks x

  59. I finally started doing this and already failed after two days. What can I say? I HATE steak. I just do. I hate the texture, and how chewy it all is. Is it possible for me to substitute the steak with ground beef? I’d much rather eat something like burger patties every day. I read somewhere though that ground beef digests much faster then steak, so will it keep me full long enough until the next meal the next day? Any thoughts?

    Thanks for posting all this info on this diet. This is the best site out there regarding all this. All info is really appreciated!

  60. Can the the steak be dark meat chicken? every other week for variety or does it have to be beef?

  61. I just couldn’t go away your website before suggesting that I really loved the usual info a person provide to
    your visitors? Is gonna be back continuously in order to check up
    on new posts

  62. Robert Schull says:

    Weird question, I am a independent professional wrestler working 2-3 weekends a month. I also usually work out 4-5 times a week, primarily powerlifiting and strongman training with some circuit training thrown in. Anyways, how would this affect my performance? Especially matches on the weekend? Closest thing I could equate the output for wrestling a match would be maybe 10-20 minutes of HIIT. Also would a salad, 8oz of 85% hamburger patty, 8oz of chuck eye, and 4 eggs work for a meal? Can’t afford steak and want to keep regular with fiber.

  63. Holla! Have you tried – Ads Crix Paleo Diet (should be on google have a look)? I’ve heard some incredible things about it and my BF got great results with it.

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  65. Hey Trevor, glad I found your post. Been doing the steak and egss for three days, dropped four pounds and pooped myself at work. I thougot it was a fart. After reviewing your blog again, I noticed people can get constipated or heavy bowel movements.

  66. Felix T says:

    Hey Bud, I’m a 50yr old dude who has alway been in pretty good shape until I blew my shoulder out in last October blasting out a Heavy dumbbell, military, Bench and butterfly workout. Just had surgery last month and gained 10 pounds since the injury, 235lbs. I was sitting in my physical therapy office waiting room when I saw your webpage and thought… Fuck, I love steak and, Eat eat the shot out of eggs during the weekend, so why not! So a week a go Monday at that appointment I started your plan with steak, beef rib meat, burger patties, a chicken coop worth of eggs and a bit of red wine. 8 days later I weighed in at 225! Fuck yeah!! Thanks Bud

  67. Anybody going on this diet to prevent constipation should take Sugar free Fibre Supplement too.
    Also take a large mug of hot water with a cube of bouillon/gravy stock cube to fight off sugar/salt headaches.

  68. Hey, I’m having an operation in 12 days would love to shift as much weight as possible do you think will work for me? And this approach is better than the two meals of steak and eggs? I’d love to lose 7lbs if not more. Thanks

  69. Hi!
    I have 2 questions.
    Have you heard of the fat fast diet?
    Which diet is more effective in your opinion?
    And also, on the steak and egg diet could I have a shot of wheatgrass instead of the glass of red wine. I can’t stop at one glass so I am going to leave it out.

    • jonnyfolk says:

      Hi Mary,

      The shepherd has left his flock – Trevor’s last comment was Feb 2014! Come back Trevor all is forgiven! 🙂

      My opinion (for what it’s worth) is that the best diet is the one that allows you to reach your goals while maintaining the happier state of mind! The steak and eggs diet will almost certainly lose you some weight, but it’s up to you to experiment to discover what is the best for you.

      Same for the wheatgrass shot question. I would get yourself used to being on the diet and kept adapted and then use the wg shot for a few days. If it has no adverse effect on the diet and you are the happier for it then continue 🙂

  70. Trevor meers Trevor. 😛

    I’ve been doing this diet for 2 weeks now but been doing it twice a day. seems to be working out for me well. I like it.

    I like your idea of the Red Wine and will give that a go this week.

    Something else I’ve been doing to make up for my hydration problem is drinking lots of water but with 6 or 7 cucumbers and 6 or 7 slices of lemons in the water. There is only 16 calories in the water but the 95% water and other benefits of the cucumbers like keeping your liver in check and added antioxidiants to the heart plus the Vitamin C from the lemon’s.

    I’m still shedding fat like crazy and gaining mass.

    As of today 10-3-16 I’m 168 lbs @ 5’11 @ 31 yrs old. Going to go probably 3 more weeks.

    Not sure if I could sustain this long-term.

  71. How do you only eat One Meal A Day?? Imwill never beable to do that.. Anyone will lose weight with any diet if they eat once a day obviously. Geez im vegan and if i eat once a day ill get soo skinny. I have heard other people do this diet but eat twice a day? That sounds more realistic?

  72. ワキ汗をたくさんかくためにシャツのワキのところが湿って汗しみができたり、黄ばんでしまったりして困っていませんか?わき汗で黄ばみが出来てしまうのは、汗に含まれる脂質などの分泌物が関係しています。ただ、汗というのは生理現象ですから、暑いときや緊張しているときに汗をかかないようにしようと思っても、そう簡単にはいきません。ですから脇汗対策をするには、脇から出る汗を物理的に止めることが重要です。その方法のひとつが塩化アルミニウムなどが含まれた制汗剤を使うことであり、もうひとつがプロバンサインという医薬品を服用する方法です。これらの対処法によって汗を抑制できるので、精神性発汗も緩和する可能性が十分にあります。

  73. Can I incorporate veggies like garlic, onion, peppers, herbs, and tomatoes into the steak and eggs? For flavor mostly I don’t see how it would effect the diet greatly as there’s very few carbs and sugar. Tomatoes might have too much.

  74. Thanks for not answering my question I posted half a year ago.. The fact of the matter is you don’t have to eat just steak and eggs. Fat has melted away and my testosterone is through the roof. I eat all meats I like including bacon, most veggies, its all carb counting. I do believe steak and eggs should be eaten more often than not on the diet. Work out too.

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  79. I’ve been fat adapted for some time. I’m about 13% bf trying to find a way to sub 10%. I was hopeful after reading everyone I could about Vince, the 8×8 and the steak and egg diet. But after 2 weeks in conjunction with the routine, I saw no difference. No difference on scale, no difference on skulpt and no difference in mirror.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Thank you,I will combine my Steak and Eggs with IF,great idea!

  81. Allen Thomas says:

    Hi Trevor
    not sure if your still addressing this post as I stumbled on it looking up the steak and eggs diet as I have done it on and off for years.. I read one of Girondas books years back. He was truly way ahead of his time.
    I am just curious of we do one or two meals a day.. in one part you say..Two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, consisting solely of steak and eggs cooked in butter. Every 4 days he would carb up to replenish his glycogen stores. That’s it.
    But then in the sample diet you state : One meal per day consisting of 10-24oz. of fatty steak (ribeye, NY strip, etc.), 2-6 whole eggs and one glass of red wine allowed.

    I dont know if I can do only one meal a day lol BUT I do fast here and there so I am sure I can..
    thanks for the info and just signed up for the newsletter, if it is still active.

    Allen Thomas

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  85. without feeling hungry or deprived.


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