A Call to Action

Now open for guest post submissions.

Oh. Fuck. Yeah.

But before you fire off that half-finished post you’ve got sittin’ in the bank, let’s make sure we’re on the same page here.


What This Blog is About

A Call to Action is just that . . . a call to get folks off of their asses and help them make real and lasting change in their lives. Just check out the categories and you’ll have an idea about the topics I like to write about.

That said, I’m open to any topic as long as it helps someone solve a problem or even just gets them to see something from a different perspective . . . but it needs to make me feel something.


Who Should Submit a Proposal?

Anyone who enjoys this blog, would like exposure to my growing audience, or just wants to contribute for the hell of it.

All are welcome.

I don’t care if you’re a big name blogger or some nobody who just published your first post last week. If you can write well, fire me up, or make me go “Hmmm” then you’ve got a shot.


How to Submit

Shoot me an email through my “Contact Me” page. In the Subject put “GUEST POST from Your Name.” Please follow the formatting . . . it’ll help ensure your email doesn’t get lost, and it just plain makes life easier for me.

This submission is just a proposal, not a post. If I like your idea then I’ll request to review your post and we’ll go from there. If I don’t like your idea, I’ll kindly let you know.


Let’s Set Some Expectations

I will promote your post through all my channels and with all the enthusiasm I would if it were my own.

You’ll do the same.

I will respond to every commenter with the same degree of thoughtfulness as their comment deserves.

You’ll do the same.

I will proofread your post many times before anyone ever lays eyes on it.

You’ll do the same.


Just Be Warned Y’all

I have high standards. So don’t send me fluff. Don’t send me rehashed generic bullshit. I’m looking for original thoughts. Real insight. Real Experience.

And fire.

Lots and lots of fire.

Don’t take it personally if I refuse your post. I have a fat stack of my own posts sitting in the rejection pile. That’s just how this shit goes.


So Let’s Do This Thing

This is a win-win situation. I get free and awesome content; you gain exposure to a new audience. And we both connect on a deeper level.

How fucking cool is that?

So there’s really only one question left . . .

Are you game?