Week 3 on the Steak and Eggs Diet and . . .


Things are starting to drag. I’m already getting pretty damn sick of steak and eggs every day.


But that was expected — I just have to deal with it.


After my severe binge last week it took a few days to fully drop the bloat. It was almost like starting over from scratch again. But once I finally pissed out all that retained water, I was pretty happy with how the diet was progressing.


Come Saturday morning I thought I was finally looking half-way decent. And I was kind of excited as well – I was going to be busy on Sunday so I had planned to take my pics on Saturday instead.


As I mentioned previously, I actually look much better on Saturday morning than Sunday (at anytime) since I always have my carb up on Saturday, so by Sunday I’m nice and bloated again.


I was looking forward to taking some pictures that actually show real progress.


But plans changed.


So I did what I do every Saturday – I binged! Yippee!


Not quite as bad as last week, but a binge all the same.


After a certain someone flaunted a picture of some fully-loaded nachos they had made, I had been craving them all week. Like fucking craving them! Thanks a lot C.


So that’s what I started with. And they were glorious!


Then on to dessert. But I can’t have just one, you know. I’m like a hobbit – first I eat dessert, then I have second dessert.


Cookies and pastry. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh.


Oh, and drinks of course. Always gotta have the drinks.


But enough of all that bullshit. What matters is the pictures. And the measuring tape.


How’d I do?




The tape measure was all over the place, from just under 33” to 33 ½”. I’m going to call it 33 ¼”. So, just a quarter inch drop from last week. I’m a bit disappointed. I was hoping to hit 33 even this week.


As for the pictures, I look about the same. Maybe a little more cut in the shoulder area, but that could just be the lighting.


All in all, I’m saying this week was a flop.


Next week I’m going to take some pictures pre-binge and post-binge, so you can get a clearer picture of the changes that are actually occurring. And to make myself feel better. It’s not easy putting pictures of your worst physique out in public week after week.


I want to see something worth showing off, dammit!


Or maybe I should just stop binging.



(Nachos by jugglerpm at Flickr)


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  1. Your nachos look awesome! And with a quite dignified plate. I know the picture of certain nachos that you’re referring to that were taken on a nasty, old cookie sheet that should be replaced. And yours also look healthy, are those kidney beans? To be fair, it’s hard to take a photo of your shrinking middle and hold a camera at the same time. Judging from the last photo in this set, if you look at how the tape measure isn’t laying flat and how part is up, I’d call it a bit closer to 32. You’re doing great!

    • Thanks Carmen! You’re right, it’s damn difficult to take pictures and hold the tape at the same time. At least for me. It usually ends up slipping down my belly as I’m taking the shot. I just have no photography skills whatsoever.

      As for the nachos, I wish I could take credit for those, but they’re just some picture I found on Flickr. I couldn’t find anything that looked as delicious as yours did so I just picked that one. The nachos I made were far simpler . . . cheese, salsa, and ground beef. Plain, but so awesome. That green plate *is* eerily similar to my own green plate though.

      Now that I’ve got that craving for nachos out of my system, I’ve been eyeballing pizza lately. Sicillian pizza to be specific.

      I wonder why that is.


  2. I had to laugh at your first line!

    I did the Slow Carb diet a few years ago. I WAS SO EFFING SICK OF EGGS. I mean the diet recommends something crazy like 30 grams of protein for breakfast. It was like 3 eggs, 1 egg white, black beans, and turkey sausage. Every.Day. I wanted to puke!

    • Sounds painful. Eggs can get pretty damn tiresome. I once went a stretch where I was eating 6-8 eggs every morning for over 2 years. I’m surprised I can even stomach them anymore, let alone enjoy them (when I’m not in the middle of a steak and eggs diet, that is). Black beans sound good though . . .


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