Week 5 on the Steak and Eggs Diet and . . .


(See my intro post to find out why I’m taking the steak and eggs diet challenge.)


To be honest, I’m not even sure I should call this a “week” on the diet. I was good for 3 days. That’s it. The other days saw deviations ranging from minor to blasphemous.


Yes, blasphemous.


I won’t go into all the excuses for why I hardly stuck to my diet this week. Suffice it to say, each excuse is worthless bullshit anyway.


But as a teaser, I will say that I indulged in many delights this week – pizza, Cheez-its (always with the damn Cheez-its), beer and champagne, grilled cheese sandwiches, and best of all . . .


Almost an entire loaf of pumpkin bread.


And I slathered a whole tablespoon of softened butter on every damn slice.


Pure. Fucking. Heaven.


I feel no guilt. I would do it all over again.


As For This Week’s Results


What amazes me is that, for as poorly as I’ve been adhering to this diet so far, I’m still managing to see noticeable progress.


In fact, even though the tape measure didn’t drop as much as it did last week, I think the difference is more noticeable.


So, where we at?


32 ½ inches exactly. Only a 1/8th difference from last week, but I think I look sharper. It’s hard to tell from the shitty wash-out lighting in my pictures, but I’m beginning to see more definition and my waist isn’t looking quite as soft.


If I could just stick to a couple good solid weeks of this diet then I think I’d be right back at 32 inches. Then I could drop this damn diet and revert back to normal eating (with healthy real food, of course).


So that’s the goal. 32 inches. And then I’ll drop the diet, but not the fat loss – I’ll just pursue it a little slower and move the emphasis towards more varied real food.


I can’t wait. I don’t even remember the last time I ate a vegetable. It’s been either all steak and eggs or all processed junk.


I’m looking forward to eating whatever green shit I can pull out of the ground.



(Photo  of pumpkin bread by Maggie Hoffman at flickr)

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  1. Did you at least bake the bread yourself?

    • I didn’t. But at least I got it from a small local country store here in Vermont. It had no ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and included nothing I wouldn’t have added myself. They made it themselves in their own bakery.

      And it was freakin’ delicious.


  2. I don’t do diets. I attempt to just eat right. I’m not always successful.

    • I believe that is the best way to go . . . assuming you’re not in a hurry to lose weight or training with a specific purpose. Eating right is just about the best advice anyone can give.

      The problem is, who’s definition of eating right are you going to follow? Healthy eating is never as simple as it should be.


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