Week 6 on the Steak and Eggs Diet and . . .

Troubled Face


(See my intro post to find out why I’m taking the steak and eggs diet challenge.)


I’m actually writing this on Saturday. Pictures were taken on Saturday as well, since I’ll be too busy on Sunday to put this post together. It’s still getting published on Sunday though – gotta keep to the schedule and all.


So this week I was actually really good. For once. No cheats whatsoever. I feel like I’ve started to turn the corner on this damned diet.


Granted, tomorrow will be another carb-fest. Which means that next week’s update is likely to show photos of me after a week that includes 2 high carb/junk days.




I’ve got the momentum going now so I’m not worried. This week I hit 32 ¼ inches. That’s a ¼ inch drop from last week. I’m sure a good part of that drop is my lack of water retention from my usual Saturday binge. But I’ll take it.


I can definitely tell that my waist is shrinking, though it’s hard to see in the photos. And I’m definitely getting more “cut” (in quotes because I’m actually far from cut).


As I said in my intro post, I usually start to get a hint of abs when my waist hits 32 inches. And sure enough, I’m starting to get just a hint of them. Again, it’s hard to see from the washout lighting on my white-ass hairy belly, but trust me – they’re just starting to appear.


So I added a picture with flexed abs, just for contrast from the usual relaxed belly pictures I always take. It helps to point out the difference flexing your abs can make as you lean up. If I’d taken a picture like this when I first started the diet, there would have hardly been any difference. Now that I think about it, I wish I had.


Oh well.


So this week’s was a short and rather plain update. I’m sure next week’s will be more diabolical. Hopefully I’ll only have 2 more weeks to go before I hit 32 inches even. Then I can switch to a more sustainable eating pattern as I continue to lean up.


Now on to the pics!



Week 6 Front 1Week 6 Front 2

Week 6 Side 1Week 6 Side 2

Week 6 TapeWeek 6 Flex

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  1. I’ve all but given up the idea of getting a six pack. I’ve tried a dozen of times over the past 25 years. I’m in fair shape of 50, but I still care a “mini-keg” around. I’ll get back out on the bike soon. I’ve been riding my trainer most the winter, but have slid on my 75% fruit and veggie eating.

    • Six-packs are tough. I haven’t had a fully shredded sixer since high school. But I’ve had a few “almost” six-packs, and some pretty shredded four-and-a-half packs. Not too bad for someone my age.

      Or so I tell myself.

      It’s a tough quest, and one I’m not entirely sure is worth pursuing. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have perfectly sculpted abs, but somewhere around the four-pack level I always get pretty content. Seems good enough for me.


  2. Looking great! Keep working at it!

  3. Impressive, 6 weeks – that’s great. I’ve been lifting hard, gained about 10 lbs in the 2 months, I need to shift gears now with winter’s end approaching. Maybe steak and egg’s are the way to go.

    • Nice! Ten pounds is no joke! As long as it was the good kind of 10 pounds.

      Steak and eggs, if you can tough it out, will create rapid change. You don’t even need to do it that long. A couple weeks will kick your body into serious fat loss mode, then you can ween yourself back into more varied healthy eating and let the weight loss continue at a more gradual pace.

      I’ve only been on it so long because I got so out of shape, and I haven’t been adhering to it as well as I usually do so it’s been stretching out. This week I haven’t done it at all . . . but that’s for my next post.


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  5. Lekkert, jeg liker godt kombinasjonen med gult og rosa. Smart tips Ã¥ sy krone selv, det tror jeg mÃ¥ prøves 😀 Fin dag til deg og dine, og gratulerer med levert oppgave 😀

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