Week 7 on the Steak and Eggs Diet and . . .



(See my intro post to find out why I’m taking the steak and eggs diet challenge.)


Honestly, I can’t even say I was on the steak and eggs diet this week. Anyone who read my last post knows that at the start of this week I went 3 days without eating any food.


Nothing whatsoever.


That’s hardly part of the diet protocol. I then broke my fast with a meal that included potatoes, onions, and beer.


Not part of the protocol.


The next night I had steak and eggs, but the meal also included leftover potatoes and onions (had to use ‘em up, you know). It was delicious.


Dinner 1Dinner 2


But not part of the protocol.


On Friday night, I hung out with my good buddy Nijaz (from “T-Bag” comics fame . . . see his drawings here and here). He fed me a steady supply of chips and fine beer.


Far from the steak and eggs protocol.


And finally, my typical Saturday binge: Cheeze-itz (half a box, as usual), french fries (mmmm . . . ), drinks, and dessert . . .


A massive ginger molasses cookie and a fat hunk of fudge chocolate chunk brownie. Now, a brownie and a cookie may seem minor compared to some of my previous binges, but this was no ordinary cookie/brownie duo.


They were beasts.


Soft, chewy, decadent beasts. Fresh made from the bakery at a local country store. Absolutely spectacular!


But the question arises, how did I stray so far from my diet this week? And why the hell would I go three days without food?


I answered that last question in the related post, but to answer the first I need to go back to last Sunday’s meal.


Instead of gorging on my usual weekend crap-fest, I decided I wanted to eat something real. Something nourishing. So I hit up some roast chicken and veggies.


Two pounds of bone in and skin on chicken thighs. And loads of vegetables. Enough food to feed a family of six (or four manly men).


I ate all of it.


I couldn’t help myself. For the previous 6 weeks I had been eating steak and eggs during the week and then binging on junk food during the weekends. I hadn’t had much in the way of wholesome home cooking.


When I finally got a taste, I lost control. Completely.


So I ate it all and slurped down the broth. Naturally, I felt sick as hell afterwards . . . and so began my 3 day fast.


So take this week’s results for what they are – a week in which I didn’t eat for three days, and then went all out on meals that do not adhere to the diet.


In other words, a week in which I did not stick to the diet whatsoever.


Still, you’d think after 3 days without food I’d have some positive results to show for it.


And you’d be right.


According to the tape measure, I’m now sitting at a 32 inch waist. Actually, the tape measure reads 1/16th of an inch less – just under 32 inches, but I’m calling it 32. That’s a quarter inch less than last week. I included another flexed ab shot just to show off my narrower waist.


And you can even begin to see the split in my bicep muscle when I sorta-flex. Even with my white arms and crappy bathroom lighting.


Not bad, if I do say so myself.


I had planned to stop this diet when I hit 32 inches, but I figure I might as well go one more week since I didn’t follow the diet at all this week. I don’t think I’m going to see much, if any improvement this week, but 8 weeks of dieting seems like a good even number to wrap things up with.


So as long as I don’t blow it, next Sunday should be my final update post. I don’t know what I’ll write about after that, but I’ll figure something out.



(Picture of tasty brownies by Nikita! at flickr.)

Week 7 Front 1Week 7 Front 2

Week 7 Side 1Week 7 Side 2

Week 7 FlexWeek 7 Tape

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  1. what is the before and after of this diet? weight before and weight after? Im thinking about doing it. email me.

    • Hi Paul, I’ll answer here for anyone else that may be wondering the same questions. I don’t have a before or after weight since I don’t have a scale. I just go by the mirror and the tape measure. I started at a little over 35 inches in the waist and I’m currently sitting just under 32 inches. So 3 inches in 7 weeks. If you want to get a look at my before pictures then see the note at the top of this post — it contains a link to my intro post which has some before shots. If you decide to give it a try, good luck.


  2. I tried to go three days without eating last summer. I made it a day and a half.

    • A day and a half is nothing to dismiss. That takes some serious willpower. Especially if you have little experience with fasting. I’m curious, why were you trying to fast for 3 days?

  3. Nijaz Sedic says:

    Nice softcore pictures, o hairy one.
    Could you tell me what is the nutritional difference between, lets say, a pound of 85-90% lean ground beef and a pound of steak?

    • I saved the hardcore ones just for you buddy.

      As for steak vs. ground beef it depends on the steak. Are we talking ribeye or london broil? T-bone? Filet mignon? In general, I follow these principles . . . the fattier and less processed the meat, the better. So lean ground beef is not as ideal as fatty steak. But both are better than pasta.

      Why do you ask?

      • Nijaz Sedic says:

        I am thinking about doing it, but I don’t wanna spend 30 bucks a day on steaks.

        • Well, if you do it the way I wrote in the protocol you’ll only be eating one steak a day so it should be a fair bit cheaper — unless you eat $30.00 steaks. If you’re just going for 3 meals a day, but with steak and eggs then yeah, that can get expensive.

          I would suggest a more typical low carb diet for you. Veggies, some fruit, full-fat dairy. But that only works if you lay off the bread.


  4. Trevor you just need a big applause for your hard work. A lot of difference is there in your physique and you have got a good body shape. Your post is quite encouraging. Well I am also planning to start and hopefully I will start it soon. Personally I can’t survive without food for 3 days consecutively.

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